The shiniest goodies showcased for your delectation.

For those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our new series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

>>> Here’s last week’s Arrivals for those who missed it.

E-Thirteen TRS+ Dropper Post

Price: £259.95

E-Thirteen had a few simple requirements for the TRS+ dropper post; it needed to be simple, reliable and durable. Using a completely mechanical design it can be fully taken apart with normal tools, it even comes with replacement brass guides to eliminate the annoying play that can develop. The trigger style shifter runs on bearings for a super smooth action and already incorporates the enduro rider’s friend, grip tape, on the lever end…

E-Thirteen TRS+

The shifter style lever includes the obligatory grip tape.

Animal Escoloet Hoodie

Price: £55.00

Heavyweight hoodie for hanging about in. Animal is one of the original British ‘extreme’ sports clothing brands. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Animal’s past is inextricably linked to mountain biking’s growth in the UK…

Animal Ecoloet

SKS TL Tubeless pump head

Price: £29.99

Compatible with all SKS floor pumps (and other brands sharing the same diameter), the TL head gives you the opportunity to seat tricky tubeless tyres quickly by allowing a co2 cartridge to be used at the same time. Once seated you can pump away to get the right pressure without having to swap pumps and risk losing all the air…

G-Form Pro-B Compression shorts

Price: £95.00

The B is for bike. Including a full chamois pad for comfort, the Pro-B liner short is for days when you need a little extra protection. Impact absorbing RPT padding at the hips and lower spine should help if you decide to take a little lie-down on the trail…

Crank Brothers Mallet DH pedals

Price: £149.99

The Mallet was one of the first clipless pedal systems embraced by DH and gravity riders and has long been overdue a revamp. Behold, the new Mallet! Taking cues from the Mallet E(nduro) pedal, the DH now has customizable traction pads, better bearings and a lightened body…

Funn Mamba pedals

Price: £84.95

Available in single or double sided clip fittings, the Funn Mamba is going to be part of our big clipless pedal test (along with the Crank Brothers Mallet above). Loads of colours are available and the Mamba has one of the widest bodies found on a clipless pedal…

Giant Toolshed 12 Multitool

Price: £29.99

Dinky little multitool from Giant that can easily be stowed in a pocket. The Toolshed 12 uses strong chrome vanadium steel for durability and precision on the tools. It also includes a really handy CO2 inflator securely attached to the 8mm bit…

UltrAspire flask

Price: £12.95

Soft and squishy 550ml bottle that should fit comfortably in a pocket. Should be perfect for those rides when a pack is too much. Use with a pocketed bib-liner short such as the Specialized SWAT system to carry your kit…

250London Chequer jersey

Price: £49.00

250London is a relatively new British clothing brand based around MTB and MX. Made from super durable Airtex throughout, the Chequer jersey is perfect for DH and Enduro racing. Cut baggy to fit over armour, it has loads of space to plaster your sponsors all over it..!


That’s it for this week, we’re off to enjoy the sunshine (that’s cursed it now!)