This week: backpacks, bells, bottled air(!), Blinders, belts, bars and... bits.

For those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our new series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

This week: backpacks, bells, bottled air(!), Blinders, belts, bars and… bits.

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Evoc CC16L

Price: £104.95

We featured the smaller CC10 a few weeks ago, now it’s the turn of the big boy. Capable of swallowing everything you might need for a full day in the hills. The front pocket is neatly compartmentalized for all your spares. Two mesh pockets on the sides are great for easy access snacks.

EVOC CC16 Hydration pack

None so black as the EVOC CC16.

Lazer Phoenix+ helmet

Price: £79.99

Full face protection from the Belgian helmet specialists. The Phoenix+ incorporates plenty of ventilation and weighs in at less than a kilo, despite the fiberglass construction. Best of all it won’t break the bank at less than eighty quid.

Lazer Pheonix+ helmet

Ride Air

Price: £59.99

A convenient, bottle sized air ‘capsule’ that can easily inflate flat tyres or seat a tubeless tyre. It fits in a standard bottle cage if you want to be the hero of the ride and inflate everyone’s tyres. Refil using a standard track pump and use the inbuilt gauge to keep an eye on the pressure.

Ride Air

Knog Mini Blinder

Price: £23.99 each (Twin pack £45.99)

Dinky little rechargeable lights perfect for riding back after the pub. The Blinder uses nine LEDs to light the way and can easily fit around large diameter bars and posts. USB recharging makes them super convenient.

Knog Blinder Mini

Knog Oi Classic bell

Price: £15.99

The Oi might not save you from a rampant bear but should make you a little easier to hear along the local towpath. The narrow design ensures it doesn’t take up too much vital bar real estate.

Knog Oi bell

Backcountry Research Mütherload Strap

Price: £18.99

Heavy duty Hypalon material helps the Mütherload hold your gear in place whilst riding the hardest EWS stages. For the rest of us not riding EWS every weekend, the Mütherload helps keeps the weight off your back and put it back on the bike.

Backcountry Research Mutherload

Whyte Bikes Grips

Price: £15.00

New, soft grips from Whyte. Featuring a grippy herringbone pattern and larger diameter end cap so you know how far you can slide your hand. Available soon in loads of colours.

Whyte Bikes grips

Funn Black Ace carbon handlebar

Price: TBA

A full UD carbon handlebar from Funn. The Black Ace is 785mm wide and available in three rises. This mid (15mm rise) bar weighs in at less than 200g and is apparently strong enough for Enduro racing.

Funn Black Ace handlebar

Fabric Stratosphere pump

Price: £69.99

Fabric’s premium pump uses quality parts to create a pump that should last a lifetime. A wooden handle, aluminium body and steel braided hose give the Stratosphere a luxurious feel that will have you looking for more tyres to pump.

Fabric Stratosphere pump

Crank Brothers F15

Price: £39.99

The slim F15 features a removable multitool and chaintool, all held in a magnetic aluminium sleeve. All the normal size allen keys and Torx keys are present. Did we mention the bottle opener on the sleeve?

Crank Brothers F15 multitool