Grab a 3300 lumen light for £262.46, reduced from £374.95


Black Friday deals are everywhere – and if there’s one area it’s well worth looking out for a bargain, it’s lighting. 

>>> Buy now: Exposure Maxx-D Mk10 Front Light at Evans Cycles for £262.46

No night ride can take place (safely!) without a proper bike light – but a good quality front beam can be expensive.

The Exposure Maxx-D MK10 is a seriously bright option. In fact, it’s so good it won the last MBR lights grouptest (published November 2017), with a very solid score of 10/10.

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If that’s not enough to tempt you, Evans Cycles has reduced the unit in its ‘Black Rideday’ deals, from £374.95 to £262.46 – that’s 30 per cent off.

Sure, it’s still a pretty hefty bill – but with that you get a distinctive lens which creates a wide flood of white light – all 3300 lumens of it.

The minimum run time is 2 hours, and it goes up to 36 hours in a lower setting. You can also plug extra batteries into the rear charge port for extended burn times, and use the Maxx-D as a USB charger for phones and GPS.

Of course, it’s USB rechargeable, so there are no messy cables, and there’s a very precise time display on the back plate which shows how many more minutes of light you’ve got left.

>>> Buy now: Exposure Maxx-D Mk10 Front Light at Evans Cycles for £262.46

Reflex technology also extends the burn time, by reducing the output on climbs and less techy ground, thanks to built in accelerometers.