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Exposure Maxx-D


Exposure Maxx-D light review


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In a world where external battery packs and endless cabling constitute the norm, Exposure Maxx-D all in one approach is a breath of fresh air.

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No cables or external batteries to velcro on, just a single unit to click on and off the small bar mount each time you ride.

USB charging also means you have one less adaptor to clutter up your worktop and in car top-ups are an option.
But convenient design is just the start.

Add a best-in-test beam pattern with only a subtle hotspot and smooth transition from a wide foreground to distance, light weight and eye burning power, then throw in some natty design features and you have a product that is hard to beat.

exposure maxx-d

We love the precise time time display on the back plate for minute-accurate burn remaining in the current mode (yes, it is surprisingly accurate), and while it isn’t easy to read when on the move, you can fall back on the easily seen red/amber/green LED fuel gauge for a rough estimate.

Reflex technology extends burn time by reducing output on climbs and less technical ground using accelerometers built into the body, and while it is a little disconcerting at times to have the power wind right off on a road climb, say, it rarely gets it wrong. If you don’t like it, choose a steady burn program with one long click.

Other handy features are the ability to plug extra batteries into the rear charge port for extended burn times, using the Maxx-D as a USB charger for phones or GPS and accessories like wired remotes and plug-in rear lights.


Weight:336g (w/o mounting hardware)
Run time:2hrs max