It was only a matter of time

As you’re no doubt all sick of hearing, Pokemon Go is slowly taking over the world. Mountain biking is no longer a way of escaping from the Jigglypuff madness.

We’ve already seen how the game can take over human beings’ brains so much that they even think that they can drive and play Pokemon Go at the same time.

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We’ve also seen cyclists seemingly lose their senses and think that it’s a good idea to play it whilst riding their bike because nothing at all will go wrong there will it?

Well news in from the mbr forum is that Pokemon Go-ers have been straying on to the waymarked mountain bike routes in Sherwood Pines.

One forum member states: “So today I ran over a couple of kids collecting Pokemon on the red route at sherwoods pines. I managed to avoid the jigglypuff but hit two lads, they were about 13 or 14 I skidded in sideways and cracked one of them across the shins with my pedal.”

On the same thread there’s mention of similar incidents happening on Cannock Chase, “It’s been happening everywhere I know of one incident on lower cliff at Cannock as well where somebody got ploughed into.”

Have you encountered any Pokemon Go problems during a ride?

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