If you tower over other riders at the trailhead, OneUp now has a dropper just for you.

Riders can argue wheel size, axle standards and trick suspension bits, but the longer dropper post has arguably been mountain biking’s most influential component of the last decade.

Getting your centre of gravity lower on those steep and technical descents is crucial for optimising traction and making the most of frame geometry.

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OneUp has droppers for all

Once the preserve of hardcore enduro riding rigs, nearly every new mountain bike is equipped with a dropper post. And although the trend of short-travel bikes with 125-150mm droppers is heartening, tall riders have always been asking for more.

BikeYoke’s Revive 2.0 has been the reference for long-travel droppers, since it launched in 2020. With 213mm of stroke, few could imagine the need for any longer than a Revive 2.0. But the German long-travel dropper post has now been bested by Canada’s OneUp components.

The Squamish brand’s updated V2 dropper post range now includes a 240mm option, making it the world’s longest dropper post by a healthy 12%.

Peruse the product speciation table and the offering is very broad, with the shortest OneUp dropper being 90mm (adjustable to 70mm) and the longest, this new 240mm tower.

Who is the target market for OneUp’s ginormous new dropper? For riders at the upper height spectrum, the first-generation of ‘long’ dropper posts (150-170mm), were simply too short. OneUp’s product people say riders who are 1.83m and up, although the taller you are, the more beneficial this 240mm dropper will be.

You can make it a 220- or 230mm, too

But what if you want something between OneUp’s 210- and new 240mm dropper, there is the internal modification option. These OneUp V2 droppers can be shortened by either 10- or 20mm, using integrated shim adjustments.

With a 337mm insertion dept and deliberately low stack height of only 273mm, the OneUp V2 240mm dropper should work a treat on those huge frame sizes: XL and XXL. Or even on custom geometry frames, specially designed for extremely tall riders.

If you wonder about the potential durability issues with such a long dropper post and the potential for play developing, OneUp’s product designers have thought of that. The 240mm dropper post range is assembled with increased bearing overlap, to counter wear and play.

A 240mm dropper isn’t light

You would not expect this to be a lightweight dropper, considering its size. The 30.9mm diameter version is 570g. That increases to 668g on the 31.6mm and if you need a 34.9mm version, the OneUp V2 240mm’s weight goes up to 812g.

Progressive geometry has massively altered frame angles over the last few years. And to exploit the benefits of those slack head angles, longer top tubes and low standover heights, you need to be riding ‘in’ the frame – not on top of it.

For mountain bikers who could also have been basketball players or rugby union lock forwards, the 240mm OneUp dropper, will make a lot of sense.