Stop putting up with unsuitable gear ranges.

If you’ve been put off changing your single chainring due to faff or conflicting standards, check out the new OneUp Switch system.

You may know OneUp from their aftermarket drivetrain components such as the huge 10-50T cassette kit and their modified rear mech cages.

OneUp Switch system

OneUp’s new Switch chainring mounting system is another typically innovative er, innovation from the Canadian company. As with most of their stuff, it won’t be for everyone, OneUp are most definitely enthusiast/niche servers.

If you change your chainrings a few times a year or – more importantly – if you’ve felt the urge to change your chainring for certain rides (or races) but basically couldn’t be bothered with the faff, you should check out the Switch system. Maybe you’ve thought about trying oval chainrings but have been put off trying them for similar faff-avoidance reasons..?

The system has no weights declared yet but it will be heavier than a standard direct-mount system. The main goal here is gearing flexibility and ease-of-change.

Switch is NOT a new standard. It works with your existing cranks and bottom bracket.

oneup switch

Essentially the Switch system turns the direct-mount system into two parts: a spider and a chainring. Yep, kinda like how things used to be, but hey. Modern world innit. This means you aren’t stuck with one system or configuration.

oneup switch

The unique faff-reducing feature of Switch is that you don’t have to remove your crank from the bottom bracket to change chainrings. You don’t even have to full undo and remove the chainring bolts. The bolts just need to be loosened and then the Switch chainring turned clockwise a bit and – voila! – you can remove the chainring fully.