The lads... and Luke

Away from the tape trails and speed of races, three youngsters together on their local trails. Mucky magic has been created.

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Nukeproof press release

So, we’re a little late with our 2019 “launch edit” for the 2019 Nukeproof Mega Carbon. With the Enduro World Series finishing later in the year and a few injuries it took a bit of time to get these 3 radical riders together.

Over the past few years the Nukeproof Mega has been racking up its credentials and filling its rider’s trophy cabinets in between the tapes. But it’s much more than a “Enduro” race bike and we our athletes like nothing more than messing in the woods on bicycles. The Mega has had some diverse results over the past year, Elliott Heap terrorising the full timers at the 4x World Championships & Pro Tour, Luke Cryer & Jackson Davis at Crankworx in the Dual slalom & speed and style, Sam Hill at the 2017 Downhill World Championships and in Lil Robbo’s case just ripping the local woods with so much style.

Elliott Heap

Elliott’s been part of the Nukeproof family for years now. Still the tender age of 21, he’s always been a bit handy on a bike, but in 2018 he took it to the next level taking the u21 World Enduro Series Title. He’s got a bag of tricks bigger than Santa’s sack and a thoroughly sound lad, just with a penchant for pies and big trucks.

“Lil’ Robbo” Owen Robinson

Owen Robinson, the new lad. A newcomer to the team this year Lil Robbo, burst onto the scene with local film ace Tommy Caldwell. Nearly as much style on the bike as he has volume in his beautiful mane of hair, he’s learning fast and under the guide of Luke and Elliott (What could go wrong?) was pushing his limit to a new level and taking it in his stride. Totally rad and can’t wait to see what is possible for the youth.

And… Luke (Cryer)

Not sure that a double 4x World Championship medallist describes Luke in the right way. Always the team’s director of stoke, more pumped that a puppy on a sugar high. I’ve known Luke since he was a wee lad and he’s always been the same, never a moments silence, always stoked to give anything a go and really cool to have him with us on Nukeproof for the past few years.