160mm-travel hub-geared belt-driven e-bike

First glimpsed over two years ago, the Nicolai EBOXX E14 is finally coming out. And it’s still a progressive beast. No derailleurs. Lots of length.

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nicolai eboxx e14

Nicolai EBOXX E14 need to know

  • 160mm travel pedal assist MTB
  • Rohloff E-14 hub gear, 14 speeds
  • Carbon Gates belt drive
  • Bosch CX motor with KIOX control
  • Long and slack GeoMetron geometry
  • 63.5° head angle
  • 77° seat angle
  • 485mm to 555mm reach
  • 461mm to 474mm chainstay length
  • Five frame sizes
  • Price €8,999
  • Also available with derailleur drivetrain for €7,499

nicolai eboxx e14

More about that Rohloff then. “Combined with the Bosch motor, the unique fast shifting performance and easy operation is a pleasure to use. One push on the button, and the drive removes load from the system, and the Rohloff hub switches electrically. Hold down the button and the E-14 shifts all 14 gears in a fast 3-speed sequence. And when the trail forces you to stop , it automatically returns to the starting gear.”

nicolai eboxx e14

Nicolai EBOXX E14 press release

NICOLAI has been building mountain bikes for over 20 years, and for over 10 years electric assisted ‘eMTB’. The question “Who needs that?” or the quote “I am still too fit for that,” is rarely heard today. Why? Because people who are interested in e-bikes quickly learn that riding an eMTB is still sport. The advantages are obvious: differences in fitness between friends are levelled, the range is increased and ultimately, you can have longer riding time and pleasure.

For this year, Nicolai’s eMTB called the EBOXX-2019 is developed and produced precisely for this riding experience. This is a special product because Nicolai is one of the few remaining companies to produce bicycle frames in Germany. In our own factory, all components are CNC-milled from high-quality aircraft aluminium and precisely welded together.

The high-quality welding beads have established themselves as a trademark in the industry. A Nicolai bike can therefore also be recognised without a logo.

What will the eMTB of the future look like? The EBOXX E14 is our answer to this simple question. All our experience from 23-years has been collated here. Here, historically grown roots are cut. The derailleur and chain-driven gear system gives way to the durable Gates belt drive in combination with the almost indestructible Rohloff hub, which can even be electrically shifted under load in this bike.

Kalle Nicolai says: “It goes without saying that Nicolai only selects very high quality components for the complete bike. Exactly the ones we have tested and also continue to use ourselves. In other areas of performance, we continue today with our so-called Geolution geometry for increased safety, traction, and speed, in all riding situations.

All in all, the bike has an unrivalled and incomparably good riding performance. The reason lies in the sum of all the big small details.

nicolai eboxx e14

More info

BOSCH CX with KIOX. The small, scratch-resistant colour display is controlled by the operating unit at the left grip. It provides data on riding speed, power, heart rate, battery charge and much more. Magnetic holder to remove and attach the on-board computer.

nicolai eboxx e14

The 500 Wh battery is integrated into the down tube and can be charged on or off the bike.

GeoMetron is the geometry concept on which all current Nicolai models are based. The concept is based on the theory that a longer wheelbase, a slacker steering angle and a steeper seat angle make the bike faster, smoother, easier to climb and safer.