AND it takes either 27.5in or 29in wheels. Oof!

The new Nicolai G1 doesn’t do thing by half. If you absolutely must have the most progressive geometry bike available – this is currently it.

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Nicolai G1 need to know

  • 162 or 175mm enduro bike
  • 27.5in or 29in wheels via ‘Pressure Strut Mutator’ links
  • Variable chainstay lengths via ‘Mutator’ links
  • 230 x 65mm EXT Metric rear shocks
  • 62.5° head angle
  • 78.5° to 79° seat angle
  • Reach 470mm on Small, 555mm on XXL
  • 1,271mm (S) to 1,371mm (XXL) wheelbase
  • 446mm to 458mm chainstay length
  • 44mm fork offset
  • Frame without shock 2699,00 Euro
  • Extra charge EXT shock + 950,00 Euro
  • Complete bikes from 5999,00 Euro

nicolai g1

Nicolai G1 press release

Finally finished! After one year of work and many tests and optimization we are very proud to present our new Enduro Bike named G1. The completely new designed frame is modular and can be mounted with 27,5 or 29 inch wheels. The adjustment is done by the headset and different screw-in elements, which we call mutators. The round tubes made of high-strength 7020 aluminium underline the puristic appearance. The thicker down tube paired with a lower top tube provides an aggressive look and more legroom. Today we achieve more safety, traction and speed in all situations thanks to the GEOMETRON geometry. With the new EXT damper the suspension reaches a new dimension. All in all, the bike has an unrivalled and incomparably good riding performance. The reason lies in the sum of all the big small details, which we would now like to explain further:

nicolai g1



The new Nicolai G1 and its suspension is the result of co-operation between the manufacturer NICOLAI and two other European specialists, EXTREME Racing Shox and GeoMetron bikes. Italian company EXT are known worldwide in professional racing and motorsports for their high performance suspension and our friend and partner Chris Porter from GeoMetron Bikes is recognised for creating and being at the forefront of the current trends in geometry and kinematics.


“We don’t care about trends! All that matters is lap times, driving pleasure, safety and the physical facts.” This quote is our approach to the development of new mountain bikes. This mission statement has made us one of the most innovative bicycle companies in terms of chassis performance, steering dynamics and geometry.

nicolai g1


One frame, two wheel sizes

We can fine-tune the bottom bracket height and the steering head angle with the help of the so-called compression-strut-mutator. The mutators are available in lengths of 3.5, 6.5, 10, 12 and 15mm. This new technology enables us to realize different strut lengths. The added value for the customer is explained as follows: Different wheel sizes can be mounted on a single G1 frame.


The MUTATOR is a newly developed component on the rear swing arm, which combines many functions in a single component:

The mutators are available in different lengths (33, 41 und 47mm). In this way, only by replacing a mutator can the length of the swingarm “grow with” the frame height according to the GEOMETRON concept.

G1 Shock Level


Another completely new development is the G1 suspension lever, which allows two different travel by moving the damper. Built into the upper hole, the bike offers 162 mm travel at the rear. 175 mm travel occurs when the damper is placed in the lower hole. As in aircraft engineering, all Nicolai components are CNC machined from a high-strength aluminum block to achieve maximum strength and minimum weight.

7020-T6 Aluminium

Aluminium is not Aluminium

We at Nicolai exclusively use the alloy 7020-T6 (AlZn4,5Mg1) for our frames. Compared to our competitors, who mostly use aluminium 6061-T6, this grade has much better strength values.



For each model and each frame size we have designed its own welding device, a so-called frame gauge. Here, the pipe sets and the turned and milled parts fit together precisely, in order to be tacked by our welders at precisely defined points and in exact sequence, and then welded in several passes by TIG (tungsten inert gas) in order to minimize distortion and distortion. Our evenly flat scaled welds are produced by a very slow welding speed and, unlike with applied seams, cause a deep fusion of the material.



The rear triangle of a full suspension bike is not a statically rigid component and is exposed to extreme loads during driving. Critical points are the ball bearings, which ensure low breakaway torque and optimum response of the chassis. In order to extend the maintenance intervals of the frame, Nicolai products rely exclusively on full complement, double-sealed ball bearings.


Rear Aligning Dropout

So that you can hit every lane on the trail, we mount a form-fit sliding, exchangeable dropout for track and camber adjustment on all frames. Due to the differently milled, right dropouts for adjusting the lintel, the rear only needs to be slightly readjusted after installation. This takes the strain off the material. The respective lintel height is milled into the RADO with the digits 0, 1, 2 or -1 and -2. After the toe and camber have been set, the RADO is fixed ex works with a pin. This makes the original setting easily reproducible during replacement. This is the only way we can guarantee that NICOLAI products work precisely on the track.



With a NICOLAI frame, you decide the design. Every Nicolai frame can be produced in any colour according to your preferences. Choose from different frame colours, anodised colours for reversing levers and pull holders as well as frame decor to add your individual touch to the frame.