One of the greatest ever goes electric

Nic Vouilloz has said he will race, “anything with an ebike” next year as he winds down from his Enduro World Series duties.

Vouilloz is widely regarded as one of the most talented mountain bikers to have ever lived. He comes from the golden generation of French downhill riders that have gone on to dominate the EWS such as Fabien Barel and Anne Caroline Chausson.

He said to the Italian website MTB-Mag: “2015 for me has been a year in which to see if I was still able to compete at a high level after my knee injury. I enjoyed this year.

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“For 2016 still I do not know. My initial idea was to run some events, maybe some European races and compete in anything with the E-Bike.”

Vouilloz turns forty this year and is worried about how long it takes him to recover from injuries now. He also says he “likes the feeling of power” the electric motor gives him, especially when he doesn’t have enough power on the climbs.

Lapierre, Vuoilloz’s main sponsors, has been a big advocate of the ebike movement and currently has a full time racer in the form of Jean-Pierre Bruni – Loic Bruni‘s dad. Vouilloz said: “We are a brand that believes in the E-Bike market, but also I have fun when I drive the E-Bike.”

From what we (and Google Translate) can gather Vouilloz will continue racing the EWS for now but will be gradually phasing himself away from it in future.