From "not far now" to "I'll be about an hour", here's the most common fibs in mountain biking

Here’s a good ol’ listicle of the dirtiest falsehoods in MTB. Without further ado here’s our run down of the 10 biggest lies in mountain biking.

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1. If you’re not crashing you’re not trying hard enough

I don’t know about you, but I don’t crash very often and I’m trying harder on a bike than I ever have done. Crashing is about lack of control. You don’t improve your level of control but stacking into the undergrowth. You just get injured and end up missin gout on ride time.

2. “Not far now”

That classic phrase uttered towards the latter half of a ride that’s just been a little bit too much for someone, possibly yourself. We’ve all heard it. Most of it have even said it at some point. Everyone knows it’s a lie. There’s at least one more hill to go. At least.

vitus sommet

3. It’s not about the bike

Sure, some folk can ride any trail on any bike. But having a capable bike makes a whole world of difference. Good brakes, good tyres, decent geometry, suspension that works… yes please. Mountain bikers are riding more tricky terrain than ever before and it’s all about the bike.

whyte 905

4. Need to learn on a hardtail

Nah. Feel free to never ever ride a hardtail. It’s fine. In fact, there’s a good argument that hardtail habits actually make it difficult to ride full suspension bikes properly. Hardtails are fun – they’re mountain bikes, duh – but they aren’t a compulsory training item.

bosch performance line cx

5. E-bikes are cheating

Clearly you’ve never seen the state of most e-bikers at the end of their weekend ride. Totally rinsed. Very probably much more wrung out than those riders finishing their ride on regular bikes. The thing is, e-bikes are mountain bikes and thus they have intrinsic aspects. Riders can’t help but put out the same effort, it’s addictive and unavoidable. And when you’ve been on a 40km off-road ride on an e-bike, you’re knacked.

Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Evo

6. The best wheel size

29in wheels are fastest. 27.5in wheels are funnest. Except when they’re not. Seriously, don’t worry about it.

Volcanic summits give way to lush, tropical rainforests on La Isla Bonita

7. “I’ll be about an hour”

How many times have you hurriedly answered with this phrase after being asked “how long will you be?” Yeah, right. This initial falsehood is typically followed by another when you do finally get back: “oh sorry, whatshisname had a mechanical”.

8. You don’t need that many gears and/or that much suspension

AKA being overbiked. Some folk seem to think that certain terrain requires a certain level of mountain bike. In reality, it’s the rider who best dictates the sort of bike that’s most suitable. If you’re style of riding is best done on a 160mm enduro bike, go for it. Similarly, if you just feel happiest on pared down hardtail, go for it.

Before and after at the Swiss Cup XC in Davos

9. ‘Responsive’ geometry

This is polite code for ‘sketchy AF’. There’s nothing good about a bike that jack knifes 90° every time you sneeze. Bikes with steep geometry have no place in mountain biking. They make no terrain better.  They’re just a roadie hangover that is taking far too long to die out.

10. Mountain biking is not as good as it used to be

Oh go away. Mountain biking is everything is used to be and more. Okay, it’s not new or novel anymore but now it has depth and acknowledgement from other outdoors users. That’s much more useful and nice.