A greater number of mountain bikers on the trails is leading to more injuries

Lake District mountain rescue teams have warned of an increasing number of mountain biking incidents as a result of more people taking to the trails.

Last year they were called out to over 500 incidents, 37 of which were mountain biking related, which is the most ever recorded.

The Easter weekend is always a busy time for mountain rescue teams as it heralds the start of spring where mountain bikers emerge from their winter hibernations and take to the trails with (sometimes reckless) gusto.

Richard Warren, of the Lake District search and rescue association, told ITV Borders: “The teams can respond but a worrying thing for them is the increased workload. It’s an extreme sport – I think there’s an awful lot more mountain bikers around and they find it very exhilarating.

Watch the common mistakes trail riders make

“When you come off a mountain bike at speed on a serious route, there’s only one way – and that’s over the handlebars.”

While we’re not discouraging you from getting out on your mountain bike, there are definitely some precautions you can take to ensure that you stay safe and the rescue teams aren’t overly stretched.

  • Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back, otherwise it could be days before someone knows that you’re missing.
  • Prepare your route beforehand so you don’t get lost and make sure you are able to navigate with a map and compass or GPS during your route
  • Make sure you over pack. it’s best to have kit you don’t need than need kit you don’t have

That’s just the basics, but you can read our full guide to staying safe in the mountains here