Could you see yourself doing this?

22-year-old Courage Adams and 19-year-old Paul Thölen session a stunning fully mirrored skate park in this very, very shiny video.

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Reflections and the slippery surface didn’t make riding easy, but after some training sessions, two days of intense action, doses of dizziness, a couple of crashes, hard work (it even took one of the riders up to 70 tries before nailing one of the tricks) and great chemistry between both athletes – some amazing tricks took place within the mirrored park. 

Red Bull have just topped 7 million YouTube subscribers. Seven. Million. That is a whole lot of fizzy red pop action. It’s no wonder they’ve become one of the most successful channel on YouTube when they’re putting out amazing videos like this that appeal to both hardcore riders as well as your decidedly non-BMXing Auntie Brenda.

Paul Tholen poses for a portrait during the Red Bull Mirror Park in Pamplona, Spain on August 19, 2017 // Sebas Romero/Red Bull Content Pool

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Video description

Red Bull: “Check back next week to see how the Mirror Park project was put together and filmed. Courage Adams took his BMX bike in the first ever Mirror Park. Part skatepark, part hall of mirrors, Mirror Park created a unique riding opportunity that was too good to miss for Courage Adams and Paul Thölen. Near Pamplona, Spain, there’s a BMX park. There’s nothing unusual about that. This is no ordinary riding venue, though. This BMX park is covered with mirrors – everywhere. The walls, ramps and all the obstacles have been covered with a special reflective material to give them the appearance of a hall of mirrors. BMX pro and Courage Adams was involved in the design of this very special BMX park and accepted the challenge to ride it, inviting German freestyler Paul Thölen to join him on this ride of a lifetime.”