With its narrower width, improved centre tread and beefed-up side knobs, the new Shorty looks like the technical, wet-weather tyre we’ve all been waiting for


A new tyre from Maxxis is always a big deal. Even if it’s a revised version of an existing model, as is the case here. The Maxxis Shorty has been something of a go-to tyre for hard-riding UK mountain bikers come autumn-winter time. The Shorty is not a skinny XC mud tyre designed to trudge through sludge; rather, it has always been for technical trail riders and enduro-heads. There will be plenty of folk who may be worried about the classic Shorty being messed with. They needn’t be. The new Shorty carries over all the best traits of the much-loved MK1 Shorty and adds in a couple of tweaks to improve it. We suspect more and more DH racers will be looking again at this upgraded version.

Maxxis Second Generation Shorty need to know

  • Ideal for wet or extremely dusty conditions
  • 27.5×2.4WT & 29×2.4WT sizes
  • New improved tread increases grip in the wet for straight-edge hits and roots/hardpack
  • 0.8mm-high mud-shedding pattern on the bottom of the tyre prevents build up of mud
  • Trail, enduro, and downhill casing options
  • 3C MaxxTerra (EXO) & 3C MaxxGrip (DoubleDown and DH) rubber compounds
  • Tubeless ready
  • Revised tread pattern
  • Narrower 2.4in width saves weight

Choose the MaxxGrip version for ultimate traction on the trails

The Shorty has been around longer than you might think. It launched back in winter 2014 and was designated a mid-spike. This meant it was intended to act like a full-on mud spike that’s had its tread knobs trimmed down – think of the classic last-resort Maxxis Wet Scream mud spike that someone’s taken a pair of snips to. The idea being that the shorter knobs would handle better on rocks and roots compared to the unpredictable sketchiness of a full mud spike. The original Shorty took the cut-down spike approach but added significantly larger girth and a double-wide centre knob into the mix.

The latest Shorty has been developed through feedback from Maxxis pro team riders

The new Shorty has been developed based heavily on feedback coming from Maxxis’s Enduro World Series and World Cup DH teams. The big news is the change to the tread pattern. The double-wide knob has been split into two individual knobs and the side knobs have been significantly amped up. The width is back to 2.4in and the carcass profile is solely Maxxis’s WT, designed specifically to offer the best shape on modern, wide mountain bike rims. As well as this narrower width offering improved mud clearance, there are also little raised ridges between the knobs to help prevent sticky mud from adhering. The siping (those small grooves cut across the top of the knobs) has also been revised with a view to improved traction for both cornering and braking. Arguably, the general vibe of the second-generation Shorty is improved accuracy and responsive handling.

A narrower profile and revised design improves mud clearance and control over the original Shorty

The new Shorty is only going to be available in Maxxis’s premium triple-compound 3C rubbers: either all-rounder 3C MaxxTerra with EXO casing or the traction-tastic 3C MaxxGrip. Despite all the tweaks, it’s still very much a Shorty. But a great tyre just got better.