A cure for your Monday blues

New fillum from Danny MacAskill shows him and Stu from Cut Media messing about on the Munros. On a very windy Ben Lawers to be precise.

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Shot as a promo video for one of Danny MacAskill’s main sponsors – Endura – ‘Danny MacAskill vs The Munros’ features less in the way of high-concept trials riding and high-production values. It’s just Danny and Stu doing a bit of mountain biking.

And as such it’s very relatable to what you and us get up to at the weekend. Namely, getting blown around on some chilly British hill, having a laugh and yes, wearing decent riding kit to stop us freezing to death.

Danny even does us a favour and has crash. A crash that anyone who’s ridden a British mountain track can relate to: a classic front wheel slide-out on a slippery slanted water bar. Who hasn’t done that before eh?

As Danny says at the ending as they pull into the car park: “Bikes are fun”.

Video description

Endura Official: “Danny MacAskill heads out into the Scottish hills to tackle the mighty Ben Lawers – one of the highest mountains in Scotland – for a windy trip to the summit and sweet descent back down from the top.”