A warning to mountain bikers

A man has been left with a cut on his eyelid after barbed wire was strung across a trail at Guisborough forest.

Trevor Young posted a photo of his eye along with the barbed wire to his Facebook timeline along with the caption: “WARNING up in Guisborough woods people, top of concrete road, BARBED WIRE across track, as you can see face height — well for me !!! Got me right on the eyelid and mouth.”

Trevor Young facebook post about Guisborough

Guisborough forest is near Middlesbrough on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. It is home to a red and blue graded cross country trail however the barbed wire was on an unofficial off-piste track that is not on Forestry Commission land.

On the same Facebook post, Young has posted a comment that he claims is from a local councillor, Carl Quartermain. It says: “I have been up to have a look at lunchtime today but the wire has been removed. The land owner has done this to prevent the bikers from using a footpath.”

The story follows a similar incident in Canada in which a 64 year old Tienke Kraal was arrested for setting traps for mountain bikers. She has since pleaded guilty to the criminal charge of mischief rendering property dangerous, useless or inoperative and is awaiting sentencing.