New suspension links from Cascade Components, to amp your Commencal enduro or Transition trail bike.

Those hardworking Washingtonians at Cascade Components have produced two new suspension links, for those committed tinkerers.

Commencal’s Meta AM and the Transition Scout gain these latest rear suspension rocker link upgrades, which promise to make your enduro or trail bike riding experience, even more enjoyable.

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These new links are aimed at those Meta AM and Scout owners who love tinkering with their shock settings and never shy away from riding the most technical descents.

For 2019- and 2020 model year Meta AM bikes, Cascade Components have shaped a linkage and yoke that increases both rear suspension travel and progression.

Cascade Components adds more feel to the Meta

The Meta AM is a highly regarded enduro bike and this new link boosts progression from 17- to 23%. That means better mid-stroke support and bottom-out resistance if you do hit something significant, by purpose or accident, with the rear wheel.

Beyond the superior shock progression, this Cascades Component upgrade also increases rear-travel on the Meta AM from 160- to 165mm.

Although most of the trail and enduro bike market is now built around the 29er wheel size platform, some riders prefer the feedback and agility of a 27.5” wheeled bike. And Transition’s Scout has always been one of the better 27.5” trail bikes you can buy.

Creating a super-Scout from the previous-gen

If you are a 2018-2020 Scout owner and wish to extract a bit more from your Transition’s kinematics, Cascade Components can provide a link that doubles shock progression.

This new aluminium link increases the Scout’s progression from 11- to 22%, whilst also enabling superior small-bump compliance. The frame also gains a few millimetres of additional rear suspension travel, increasing to 140mm, from the stock Scout’s 130mm.

Both of these new Cascade Components upgrades are fabricated from 6061-T6 series aluminium and feature sealed Enduro MAX bearings, which promise good durability.

The Commencal Meta AM link is available in black or red, and retails for $369. If you wish to make your Scout even more capable, the available Cascade Components link is $319 and finished in either black or silver.