Make riding with cold, achy plates a thing of the past with these winter warmers.


Look after your feet Fiveten

You need shoes with cushioning to soften the trail buzz, decent protection around the toe and heel to fend off rocks, and above all, decent connection with the pedal. Nothing beats the Five Ten Freerider… except possibly the Freerider Contact, simply because it’s unbelievably grippy.

Giro’s Jacket (£99.99) can’t match it for grip, but it’s a better fit and it seems to work very well with the Superstar Nano-x pedal. Click here for our recommended daps.


Look after your feet socks

There are two schools of thought here — keep feet dry with a combination of waterproof boots, socks and trousers, or accept you’re going to get wet, but keep them warm, with decent socks.

Some of the best dry shoes come from Shimano, the best dry socks from Sealskinz and the best trousers from Gore. If your feet are going to get wet, we’ve just discovered Drymax — they’re made from a funky hydrophobic material designed to dry fast (£12.98).


Look after your feet insole

Ditch your shoe’s standard crappy insole and replace it with something decent: a good insole will provide your foot with support and cushioning, and avoid that achy feeling from rocky trails or hardtail rides. The Fizik 3D Flex insole moulds to the shape of your foot, meaning it should distribute pressure evenly and avoid hotspots (£59.99).


Look after your feet pedals

Steering, pedalling and body position all depend on your connection with the pedals, so make it a good one. The most exciting new flat pedal on the market is Superstar’s Nano-x — the platform is huge, the shape good and the grip excellent, with long pins… and they’re cheap (£39.99).

If you’re riding clipped in, the Crank Brothers Mallet DH Race is the ultimate pedal (£124.99) because it gives you a flat-pedal feel with a clipless connection.

Apres-ride shoe

Look after yuor feet inside shoes

Salomon says the S-LAB RX 3.0 helps runners recover faster thanks to a really stretchy upper and a cushioned midsole. We don’t know much about jogging, but it’s probably the comfiest shoe we’ve ever tried for padding round the house after a ride (£70).