Tony Blair doesn't appear to be in his riding buddies

The 43rd President Of The U S of A posted a couple of pics and a video on his Instagram page of him mountain biking on his 70th birthday around his Texas ranch.

George W Bush is a mountain biker. It may not be news that you want to hear – or spread around – but good ol’ Dubya likes to shred dirt.

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In the week that his old pal Tony Blair was dealing with the publication of the Chilcot Report, Bush spent his 70th birthday riding around the grounds of his ranch in Crawford, texas with a group of war veterans.

Bush confirmed to reporters that he has not read the Chilcot Report yet.

Chris Self, gentleman-soldier, showing respect for his elders in black tie. #43turns70

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Celebrating 70 on the trails with wounded warriors. #43turns70

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Looks like George W Bush rides a Trek 29er.

Warning: the above Instavid features “singing”.

There’s no pics or video of any crashes so maybe Bush’s bike handling skills have improved since his 2006 crash in Scotland where he was unable to “pedal, wave and speak at same time” which resulted in some nasty looking grazes.