Bike geometry geeks rejoice for

The geometrygeeks website is the world’s biggest open database of bike frame geometries, with tools to compare. There goes your lunch break!

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If you’re in the market for a new mountain bike, or you’re endlessly daydreaming about what mountain bike you’d get next, chances are you are partially obsessed with bike geometry. Namely the differences in geometry between one bike on your shortlist and the other one(s).

Time was it used to the suspension system or the spec list that we pored over when weighing up what bike to go for next. These days we’re all a lot more aware and knowledgable that it’s actually the geometry of a bike that is the most important thing.

After all, suspension systems can be tuned differently, and other components can be changed over time… but geometry you’re stuck with. Well, technically you can change a bike’s geometry when it comes to basic angles, but you can’t change things like a bike’s reach or standover.

Which brings us to online resource. You can delete that old DIY comparison Excel spreadsheet you cobbled together while you were at work (tut-tut). This website does it all for you.

Search the database for the bikes you’re interested in, hit the compare button and voila! You can see the bikes’ geometries side by side for a good gawping and head-scratching session.

There are currently 14,269 geometries in the geometrygeeks’ database. 3,350 bikes from 415 brands.

If you can’t find a bike that you want to compare (which may currently be the case as the site is slightly biased toward road bikes at the mo) then it’s simple enough to uplaod the missing bike’s vital stats yourself. The site is an open-source affair, essentially meaning it’s a bit like a bike geometry wiki that anyone can edit. You do have to register to upload and edit, which seems fair enough and eminently sensible.

Even bike brands (Cannondale, Niner, Boardman, Ghost, Singular etc) are getting in on the act and uploading their entire fleet of bikes into geometrygeeks.