"It couldn't have felt better."

After Image: Freeride legend and Instagram icon Geoff Gulevich tells us about his favourite image, from Nine Knights back in 2013.

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Where: Livigno, Italy
Who: Geoff Gulevich
When: 2013
Photo: Klaus Polzer / Fiat Nine Knights

“This is hands-down one of my favourite pictures. We were at Nine Knights, in Livigno, Italy. The sunset session was going off. Andi Wittman and I were locked into this final feature on the course, a massive hip. We were egging one another on, to go higher and higher. The helicopter began to fly for the last light. Again and again, we were soaring to the final inches of the landing zone. I felt the helicopter’s rotor wash as I was flying into this jump, climbing the lip the wind was blocked and then it hit me as I took flight. The tabletop felt cracked and I was taking a slight breeze into the landing. It couldn’t have felt better. We called it a session and cracked some beers to watch the sun disappear behind the epic mountain backdrop of Livigno. One for the books.” – Geoff Gulevich.

Geoff Gulevich

Gully’s day job is styling it up at the world’s biggest freeride events — he’s a regular at Nine Knights, and finished fifth at both Red Bull Rampage and Crankworx Whistler. He’s also into making videos, riding big mountain adventures around the globe and hockey… which means ice hockey, if you’re Canadian.