As odd as it sounds

Gee and Rachel Atherton both appeared on the Clare Balding show last night and Gee had a pretty interesting story to tell. It turns out he once crashed so hard his pants ended up around his ankles leaving him flashing his exposed behind at Rachel.

The pair were trying to explain mountain biking slang to snooker player Jimmy White and rugby referee Nigel Owens when Balding asked them to define a “yardsale” (which apparently is when you have a crash so large that equipment is scattered around you). In response Gee told the bizarre story.

He said: “I once had a crash and got kicked over the bars and I landed and knocked myself out and rag-dolled. I don’t remember it but Rach tells me when she found me my shorts were round my knees while I was laid there totally unconscious on the floor”

To which Rachel replies: “Totally unconscious, bum out.”

Now we’ve had crashes where we’ve lost shoes before but to have your shorts and pants fall down is a totally different matter, he must have been hauling!

Gee’s nakedness even came up again later in the interview when his infamous Cosmopolitan photoshoot (NSFW) was shown on screen. Balding said: “You’ve got very big hands”

Gee cheekily replied: “I need them!”

The pair came across well on the show and it’s great to see the Athertons giving mountain biking  some more mainstream coverage.

If you want to watch the full interview you can do so on iPlayer here (although it’s probably only available to UK residents), the Athertons come on at about 20:30.