Nicholi Rogatkin’s motto has always been “I’ve always said I’m not opposed to crashing as long as I can get back up”. Well, he’s certainly had a few decent spills in his time, but we would say he’s been very lucky to walk away from them.

In this video he counts his top ten career slams from his BMX days through to riding the Red Bull Rampage for the first time this year.

Rogatkin is an American dirt jumper famous for wearing a full face helmet without a peak. His rise through the mountain biking ranks has been meteoric and culminated at this year’s Rampage where he suffered what could be the biggest crash in the history of the event.

In his qualifying run, he landed a drop slightly off-line and was pitched over his handlebars. Unfortunately this was the most technical part of his run and his momentum took him over the edge of a forty foot cliff. Miraculously Rogatkin was able to get up, finish his run and even throw in a backflip. The whole incident is remarkable and you can watch it here.

Surprisingly this wasn’t even the crash he ranked as his worst. In fact, that also looks like it came from Utah as he attempted a cash roll (180-backflip-180) but once again was pitched over the handlebars and scorpion-ed into the dirt.