Satanic Versions

Evil Berserker based on Wreckoning LB and Insurgent LB enduro frames – pumping-up the spec to ensure it can suffer the harshest gravity abuse.

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Evil Berserker notes

  • PUSH Industries shock uses two damping circuits to give the best of both worlds
  • Chromag finishing kit includes handlebars, stem, saddle and pedals
  • Uni-directional carbon frame looks good enough to hang in a gallery

We keep banging on about how modern enduro bikes are now more capable than ever before. Well Evil has plainly been thinking along similar lines recently because it has just released this new Berserker.

So what’s prompted this move? Is it merely a way to save the development costs of a full-on downhill bike? Perhaps that’s part of the reason, but the fact that Evil racer, Luke Strobel, has been winning downhill races up and down the Pacific north-west coast on a Wreckoning LB 29er with a dual crown suspension fork seems to prove that it is no sheep in wolf’s clothing.

evil berserker

Push’s Element coil shock is a spec sheet highlight

A limited run of 80 bikes will be available for each model, all dressed in an cold-blooded spec that includes a 180mm travel Boxxer fork, PUSH Industries Elevensix coil shock and SRAM seven-speed DH drivetrain.

As with other Evil models, flip chips let you adjust the head angle and BB height, while further steering adjustments can be made via the head tube insert and dual crown heights. And because this is basically a 27.5in Insurgent or 29in Wreckoning, you could always fit a wide range drivetrain if an uplift isn’t available.

Fire up the crystal ball and the whole pumped-up fork thing could be a trend that has legs. We’re already seeing some riders running DH forks on e-bikes, and Mojo’s Chris Porter has been busy developing a dual crown upgrade for Fox 36 forks. And as an added benefit, it’s possible to play with fork offsets much more easily if you want to tune the steering characteristics – something Porter has also been developing.