"Ooh ya f***er! Sorry, sorry.."

WARNING: contains frequent and strong swearing from the outset.

Rob Warner was one of the 400 racers trying to beat Gee Atherton down the hills of Rostrevor, Northern Ireland. Here’s his foul-mouthed but riveting helmetcam footage of his attempt.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to race at the Foxhunt – perhaps you’re thinking of entering one day – then this video is arguably the best thing to watch to give you a taster of what lies in store.

The course starts with random roaming around tussocks. Then there’s  a fair amount of queueing at various bottlenecks and bridges. There’s more than a couple of extended uphill sections.

But then the fun stuff starts. As Warner is heard in the video: “Is this where it all starts?” Yep, it looks that way,

From 3min 30secs in Warner’s POV vid the track looks wild and really, really fun. Not many (safe) passing places. Loads of cool curves and chutes and drops.


Rob Warner: “I didn’t get the best start, it was hard up there. It was quite serious, nobody was really going anywhere and everyone was kind of standing around in the bottle necks. It all really got going when we hit the downhill sections. It was wild. There were plenty of lines to get around people.

“I nearly killed a bloke at the top, but I apologised heavily. We were both going quite fast so it really would have hurt. To be honest it’s hard to overtake without almost killing someone.

“I only had one spill, but it was fine. I just hit a guy who had stopped. I also had a little crash at the bottom, I am glad we got all of that on the POV. It is an amazing event. It’s really fun but there is definitely a competitive edge”.

Needless to say, Warner didn’t beat Gee down the hill. But someone else did.

Despite Gee Atherton’s best efforts, Colin Ross proved too fast to catch at Red Bull Foxhunt 2016.

Gee: “I would have loved to have won it but I couldn’t even see Colin. Fair play to him, he was absolutely hauling.”

Overall results

1. Colin Ross: 5.45.89
2. Gee Atherton: 6.16.08
3. Dave Egan: 6.27.15
4. John Lawlor: 6.29.65
5. Jacob Dickson: 6.30.56
6. Glyn O’Brien: 6.36.41
7. James Mac Ferran: 6.39.82
8. Aidan Hawkins: 6.49.88
9. Michael Cowan: 6.52.18
10. Peter Davison: 6.58.75