Have your enduro cake and eat it

After a well-received 2017 round of the EWS comes news of new Trans Madeira multi-day enduro race taking place on Madeira in June 2018.

A worthy replacement for the Trans-Provence?

2018 Trans Madeira need to know

  • June 5-9th 2018
  • 5 days of racing
  • 200km total distance
  • 25 special stages
  • 100 riders
  • €1,490
  • Entries open December 15th
  • trans-madeira.com
trans madeira

Pic: Sven Martin

According to organisers, Freeride Madeira, the last ten years Madeira has been growing exponentially in terms of adventure sports, with enduro leading the way.

trans madeira

Pic: Antonio Abreu

Big mountains, beautiful landscapes, warm weather all year round, delicious food and over 500 years culture makes Madeira one of the new hotspot locations for mountain biking.

trans madeira

Pic: Jacob Gibbins

After May 2017, where the island’s mountain bike community hosted the EWS, the island’s MTBers were back to their origins as mountain bikers, looking for old paths that connect the island west to east and south to north. Exploring the high trails in the mountains and finishing each and every single day down the ocean. Covering the much ground possible via singletrack.

trans madeira

Pic: Sven Martin

“Madeira has trails, passion for the sport, big mountains, delicious food, culture – all the essential components to create a unique adventure and experience. This is more than a race; it’s the perfect way to explore Madeira” – Trans Madeira.

If all this wasn’t enough to tempt, then maybe you remember the delicious video above from the EWS at Madeira. The 100 riders who make it into the Trans Madeira will be very lucky indeed.