Another classic done and dusted.

The 2017 Mavic Trans-Provence is one the highlights of the enduro calendar. Here’s the page with all the results and the glorious video reports.

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Pro Men podium

1. Marco Osborne (Cannondale/WTB) 2:34:39
2. François Bailly-Maître (Ibis Cycles Enduro Team) 2:34:58
3. Ludo May (BMC Ride Crew Team) 2:43:46
4. Jamie Nicoll (Santa Cruz Bicycles/Hope/Fox) 2:46:23
5. Max Schumann (Santa Cruz Bicycles) 2:47:39

Women podium

1. Ines Thoma (Canyon Factory Enduro Team) 3:06:14
2. Anka Martin (Juliana/SRAM) 3:12:02
3. Monika Büchi (Schmid Velosport/RC Graenichen) 3:12:51
4. Martha Gill (Marin/Stan’s NoTubes) 3:29:10
5. Emma Neale 3:32:35

Master (M40 Men) podium

1. Olivier Giordanengo (LAPIERRE/MAVIC/La Roue Libre) 2:37:39
2. Rene Wildhaber (Trek/Red Bull/IXS) 2:41:05
3. Antti Laiho (Suunto) 2:50:40
4. Shane Kroeger (Santa Cruz/Derailed) 3:00:07
5. Anthony Mayr ( 3:02:21

Amateur Men podium

1. Christoffer Brochs (Trek/USWE/Velorapide) 2:49:04
2. John Owen (Orange Bikes) 2:51:15
3. Rich Norgate (Magic Rock Racing/Orange) 2:51:39
4. Seb Kemp (Santa Cruz Bicycles) 2:52:51
5. Sebastian Beilmann ( 3:01:47

General classification


Day 0 video

“Riders from almost 20 nations settle into their tents here in Embrun, (Hautes-Alpes, France) for Day 0 of Mavic Trans-Provence 2017. The sun is shining and the forecast is good, but will this year’s race throw in the snow and storms of previous years? Only time will tell.”

Day 1 video

“What a scorcher to start the week! Day 1 saw a complete contrast to last year’s opening four Special Stages at the Mavic Trans-Provence 2017.”

Date: 18/06/2017
From: Embrun
To: Les Thuiles
Distance: 38.00km
D+: 1739m
D-: 2502m
No. of Special Stages: 4

Day 2 video

“Day 1 would end with cloud building over Les Thuile, threatening rain that never came. The 44 kilometres to Villars-Colmars would be done under clear skies once the cloud had been burned away at the top of Col d’Allos.”

Date: 19/06/2017
From: Les Thuiles
To: Villars-Colmars
Distance: 44.34km
D+: 1586m
D-: 2646m
No. of Special Stages: 4

Day 3 video

“Col des Champs was immortalised as soon as the Trans-Provence media team started snapping away as the sun broke its first rays of light. It would be here where racers with bikes and bodies in varying states would start the 47.78km Day 3 here at Mavic Trans-Provence 2017. A long, loose descent into Embraunes would blow away the cobwebs before the longest climb of the day began. “

Date: 20/06/2017
From: Villars-Colmars
To: Valberg
Distance: 47.78km
D+: 1733m
D-: 3025m
No. of Special Stages: 4

Day 4 video

“Steep, loose and exposed was the order of business as riders took to Red Earth this time, doing their best to keep eyes ahead and not on the sheer drop mere inches away.”

Date: 21/06/2017
From: Valberg
To: Valdeblore
Distance: 36.18km
D+: 1200m
D-: 3129m
No. of Special Stages: 4

Day 5 video

“As the race winds its way through the Maritime Alps towards the sea, a very different feel to the day’s proceedings and terrain underfoot keeps riders on their toes. Gone is the high Alpine, Grey and Red Earths, and rock is dominant with a Mediterranean feel. Any forgiveness for error in the dirt beneath the wheels today would vanish in and instant.”

Date: 22/06/2017
From: Valdeblore
To: Sospel
Distance: 65.28km
D+: 1623m
D-: 4288
No. of Special Stages: 4

Day 6

“Day 6 saw riders making the final push to complete the 269km kilometre adventure to the Mediterranean Sea that began 5 days previously. Switchbacks brought the riders ever closer to the sea after battling everything the Maritime Alps had to throw at them.”

Date: 23/06/2017
From: Sospel
To: Menton
Distance: 37.13km
D+: 1230m
D-: 2691m
No. of Special Stages: 4

Bon chance TP racers!

What is the Mavic Trans-Provence?

It’s a six day enduro that starts in the Hautes-Alpes and finishes in the Mediterranean sea. Check out its vital stats…

  • Start: Embrun
  • Total distance: 269km
  • Total ascent: 9,111 metres
  • Total descent: 18,281 metres
  • 24 timed stages
  • Finish: Menton

A truly international array of mountain bikers are currently assembling in the Hautes-Alpes region of France. Their goal is to ‘do’ the 2017 Mavic Trans-Provence.

Now for some this will mean winning the Trans-Provence but for most it will experiencing the Trans-Provence. For all of them it will be about surviving the Trans-Provence.

For all levels of ability, the next week of full-on riding and racing will be a big test. There’ll be huge highs and big sulks.

None more enduro

The Trans-Provence is arguably still a one-of-a-kind event. It’s been going since 2009 and has seen off many a pretender to the throne. It really is the original rally-style mountain bike race and lays a fairly valid claim to being the best incarnation of the fabled “spirit of enduro”.

No practice. Everything ridden on-sight ‘blind’. Trans-Provence have dubbed it “live trail discovery” and that sounds about right. It’s the connoisseur’s test of what mountain biking is about.

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From a spectator’s point of view back here in Blighty, the Trans-Provence is a double-edged sword; the daily videos and photos are stunning and ride-inspiring but… they don’t half make you insanely jealous!

You have been warned. Don’t watch the Trans-Provence feed if you don’t want to spend the next week and a bit daydreaming about riding in the amazing Maritime Alps.