Bristol is at capacity, but you can still catch Deathgrip 2 in Sheffield tomorrow, and Shrewsbury next week


Anyone who’s yet to see the Deathgrip 2 movie in the UK better get a wriggle on, because there are just three screenings left over the next week, and one of them is already sold out.

Brendan Fairclough spent over two years making the movie, and it’s now touring the world with two stops left in the UK you can get tickets for, at Sheffield and Shrewsbury, with Bristol already at capacity.

We’re told there is a little loam left on the trail, at Lourensford in Somerset West, South Africa

Deathgrip 2 UK cinema dates

  • Bristol, Everyman Bristol – May 23rd (sold out)
  • Sheffield, The Showroom Cinema – May 24th, 8.30pm
  • Shrewsbury, Theatre Severn May 28th, 7.30pm

If you’ve not heard of Deathgrip 2 yet, it follows our hero Brendan Fairclough (the daft one who flipped a new canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage last year) touring the world with some of the most stylish riders on the planet. It showcases eight stunning locations, all scoped out by Brendan himself, so you can expect plenty of blown up corners, huge jumps and general mucking about.

…but not much! How to destroy a berm in one run

Filmed and edited by Clay Porter and Chris Seager, it stars Amaury Pierron, Thomas Genon, Olly Wilkins, Dave McMillan, Jackson Goldstone, Thomas Estaque, Hugo Frixtalon, Valentina Höll, Marine Caribou, Kaos Seagrave, Finn Iles and Luca Shaw, alongside Brendan Fairclough.

“My favourite section?… This is not a lie, we don’t have a weak section,,” Brendan told us when we caught up earlier this month. “One of the coolest things was seeing people walking out the cinema buzzing, and 20 different people gave me 20 different favourite moments.”

I went for a wee, and a bloke handcuffed me, put me on the back of a pickup truck and straight into a police station

Filming wasn’t always smooth either, Brendan was arrested, with the police apparently shaking him down for money. “It was the funniest, lowest, weirdest bit,” he says. “We were walking back from a bar, a little intoxicated. I went for a wee, and a bloke handcuffed me, put me on the back of a pickup truck and straight into a police station.

Filming in Oregon for Deathgrip 2

“Being handcuffed is so uncomfortable, you feel so vulnerable, it’s a horrible experience. But I was really pleasantly looked after, they gave me a cup of tea, and prompted to pay 800 pesos, which I didn’t have, so they rubbed that out on the form and corrected it to 750 pesos.”

Tickets are £16, head to for more details, and check out the mbr YouTube account for our ride and chat with Brendog.