Flat pedals don't always win pedals

Last weekend saw bona fide mountain bike legend Sam Hill take part in a XC race. Yes, he raced on flat pedals. No, he didn’t win.

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Okay, so it wasn’t a World Cup or even National Points level XC race but anytime Sam Hill zipties on a numberboard it makes for an interesting story. The guy can’t help being the most exciting mountain biker on the planet.

The Cotton Wool Classic took place at Linga Longa Bike Park in Western Australia over the weekend, not that far from where Sam Hill lives. The race actually comprised of four different types of racing, which each round giving competitors points to go towards an overall score.

The four types of racing format were a lap-based XC event, a timed downhill, a time ascent and something called a ‘Little Miss Enduro’ timed descent.

Pic: Linga Longa Bike Park / Facebook

Unsurprisingly Sam did quite well in the descent rounds. Well, he won them by massive margins. He came third in the XC round and 4th in the timed ascent.

He raced on his signature flat pedals and Five Tens. We’ve been trying ot work out what bike he raced on but it’s a bit tricky to see from the photo. Doesn’t look quite like his Enduro World Series Nukeproof Mega though. Vitus hardtail..?

A local rider called Rowan Brown can now proudly boast that he beat Sam Hill in a bike race. Fair play Mr Brown!