Who needs British Cycling?

Organisers of the UK’s biggest enduro race series met in Manchester last night to form the British Enduro Mountain Biking Association (BEMBA).

BEMBA aims to bring consistency to the UK enduro racing scene and riders can expect BEMBA accredited races to be, “professionally run and with high regard to rider safety.”

The body is also hoping to standardise the rules of enduro racing  meaning that racers should see similar philosophies on taping, signage, as well as marshal & medical cover at all events under the BEMBA umbrella. There is apparently however enough wiggle room within the regulations to still allow for the events to have their own personalities .

BEMBA was formed in the wake of British Cycling stating it will no longer insure enduro races.

Watch us ride the Enduro World Series at Tweedlove, Scotland, earlier this year

The body is formed up of organisers from 15 enduro series including: ‘Ard Rock, British Enduro Series, Tweedlove, UK Enduro Series, UKGE, Welsh Enduro Series and the PMBA Enduro series with separate input from Tracy Moseley.

BEMBA will continue to meet regularly and welcomes anyone looking to organise an enduro event to its meetings.

Do you think this is a good thing? Should we aim to standardise the rules of enduro for safety or should individuality be cherished? Let us know in the comments below