Lightweight Presta meets durable Schrader in the Quick Fill Plasma Schrader Valve


E*thirteen has just invented something called the Quick Fill Plasma Schrader Valve, which sounds really dull until I tell you it’s a hybrid of the best of Presta and Schrader. This means it’ll still poke through the same Presta-sized hole in your rims, but at the top it morphs into the chunkier Schraeder standard to make it more robust and increase the air volume. 

This is cool because while Presta valves are small and lightweight, they’re certainly not strong – who hasn’t bent the tiny valve core pin that sits inside? Schrader valves on the other hand are tougher, have higher airflow capacity and are easier to set up tubeless. E*thirteen reckons it’s made the best of both with the Quick Fill Plasma Schrader Valve, and it could well be one of the best tubeless valves on the market then. And don’t forget to twin it with some of the best tubeless sealant.

The Quick Fill valve comes in four parts, unscrew the end cap to get to the Schrader valve barrel

Need to know 

  • Quick Fill Plasma Schrader Valve combines Schrader top and a Presta base 
  • Delivers high airflow and robust nature of Schrader valves with Presta-drilled rims
  • Two valve sizes, 16-24mm for normal rims or 23-31mm for deep section
  • Colour matches to e*thirteen’s Helix components

Quick Fill is e*thirteen’s valve technology, it lets you unscrew the barrel to top up with sealant, effectively bypassing the valve and minimising the chances of it getting bunged up. Quick Fill Plasma Schrader Valve uses that same technology, but on top you get a bigger and more robust valve.

The new valve is available in e*thirteen’s Helix colour range to match its stems, cassettes, cranks, and chainrings, and there are two sizes to go for, 16-24mm for normal rims or 23-31mm for really deep section carbon wheelsets.

What’s starting to go through my head though, is whether we all should be running regular Schrader valves again. I mean, they’re more robust, and how much weight could it really add to your bike that probably weighs in excess of 15kg? You’d have to take the Dremel to your carbon fibre rims of course, which probably wouldn’t go well.

There’s an alternative too, of course, and it comes in the shape of one of the best mtb hacks we’ve ever tried. Take a regular Presta dust cap, snip the end off, reverse it and thread it back on and you’ve got a valve the perfect size to fit a Schrader chuck. Ideal if you want to inflate your tubeless tyres at the car garage.