French veteran breaks his own record.

56 year old French legend Eric Barone has broken the world speed record for a mountain bike – again. He clocked 227 km/h (141 mph).

Now then, this can be confusing. There are a number of ‘speed records’ flying around. Only last month Max Stockl broke the world speed record (167. km/h) for piloting a commercially available bike on proper dirt (well, gravel). Incidentally, Barone still holds the world record for gravel speed on a non-production bicycle.

Barone’s record this time is for a speed achieved on a prototype bike ridden on snow.

But still. 141 mph on a bike. Fair play to the Baron Rouge. And check out that terrifying speed wobble at 1min 40secs! YIKES!

Excuse the vertical video faux pas but just check out the behind-the-scenes behind-Barone’s-bum phone video (above) of Barone’s record breaking attempt. Gulp.

Didyouknow: Barone started out in life as a stunt double for Sly Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme before turning 34 whereupon he started chasing speed records on pushbikes.

Once more with feeling

Can we use this as an excuse to show his infamous crash from 2002? Why not eh? Ouch…

Video description

Eric BARONE: “Once again, Eric Barone, so called The Red Baron showed his talent, commitment and self-control. On March, 18th 2017 at 7:40am, Eric has beaten his own world speed record with a mountain bike on the speed snow track of Vars, France. After 2 years of a challenging project, Eric Barone, surrounded by his team reached 227,720 Km/h (141.498 mph) despite high unstabilities on the fastest part of the run, which forced Eric to go beyond his limits.

“His previous record was established in 2015 on the same ski track at 223,3 Km/h (138.75 mph)”