Is Greg going?

Max Commencal has posted a picture on Instagram that suggests Greg Minnaar might be leaving the Santa Cruz Syndicate.

Commencal is the owner and founder of the Andorran brand and has always been heavily involved with its Commencal/Riding Addiction race team. The picture showed a bottle of champagne and a bowl of eggs with the caption: “Welcome Greg”.

This may seem like a spurious connection but Greg Minnaar himself commented on the post with three Face with Tears of Joy emojis.

We should make it clear that at this point nothing has been confirmed and it could be nothing more than a cruel joke on internet saddos like us, but it’s always fun to speculate.

Greg Minnaar to commencal? 1

Minnaar must be pretty hot property in the world of downhill mountain biking after a stellar season. He won two races and in doing so became the most successful male downhill racer in history. He also finished second at the World Championships at the Vallnord bike park in Andorra – the home of Commencal bikes.

If Minnaar were to join Commencal he would most likely be forming a team with Remi Thirion and Myriam Nicole. If these guys are on top form then they could certainly be contenders for the World Cup team competition.

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It would also leave a gap at the Syndicate for a new rider although we wouldn’t fancy being the rider tasked with filling Greg’s humongous shoes, never mind having to keep up with the team’s partying.

We’ll let you know if we get any official confirmation for this or any other transfer rumours, but safe to say we’re already looking forward to what the 2016 season will bring.

Update: Commencal has just favourited our tweet about this article…hmmmm