Shades, lightweight jerseys, gloves, GPS and more.

Sun’s out, guns out. Whatever you’re going to get out during the sunny spell you’ll be sure top find something to help in this lot.

Specialized RBX Sport jersey – £49.99 – £24.99

Although it’s a good idea to wear long sleeve jerseys at all times to protect you in a tumble or against the wilds of summer nettle madness, it is also nice now and again to get your guns out. Here’s a bargain jersey in loads of colours.

Currently available for only £24.99!

Giro Montaro MIPS helmet – £149.99 – £74.99

The Montaro is a relatively well vented lid in the modern enduro styling. Deep coverage down the back of your head, lengthy peak and replete with a MIPS liner inside to protect against jarring/whiplash injuries.

Currently available for only £74.99!

Scott Progressive Pro jersey – £59.99 – £17.99

Here’s that anti-nettles long sleeve jsersey we alluded to earlier. Lightweight fabric with full arm coverage which will help wick sweat and also prevent sunburn. And yep, there’s a pocket on the reverse for small accessories.

Currently available for only £17.99!

Northwave Crew sunglasses – £24.99 – £12.49

Northwave eywear is a favourite amongst a lot of regular riders. Decent performance and style without spending a million pounds. These shades are half-price so they’re essentially pretty much free*.

*Currently available for only £12.49!

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses – £129.99 – £84.49

And whilst budget shades will always have their fans there are plenty of folk who still value a bit of eyewear investment. If you’re not always leaving your shades on the roof of your car or back at the top of a hill somewhere, you’ll not regret buy some shades from The Big O.

Currently available for only £84.49!

Oakley EVZero Path sunglasses – £129.99 – £97.49

None-more-Oakley than these babies. Plutonite lens technology with a rimless frame design and all in all Oakley’s lightest performance set of shades.

Currently available for only £97.49!

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm sunglasses – £175.00 – £99.98

NB: these are technically (well, they’re actually actually) Prizm Road lensed glasses. This doesn’t mean you’ll die if you wear them offroad but it is something to be aware of in case you assume they are the Trail Prizm versions. Numerous riders actually prefer the Road Prizm shades for mountain biking, especially those whose terrain is more open and constant.

Currently available for only £99.98!

Scott XC Long Finger gloves – £29.99 – £8.99

Unlike what we were saying earlier about the sometime virutes of short sleeves, there is never a good time to mountain bike in short finger gloves. Full finger all the way baby. And if it’s boiling hot you’ll be best off in a pair of lighter weight and more breathable affairs – like these.

Currently available for only £8.99!

Osprey Viper 13L hydration pack – £84.99 – £53.99

When summer hits – ie. hopefully now – we can all stop pretending that heading out with a single water bottle on your bike is actually going to cut it in terms of hydration. It just isn’t. For decent rides you simply have to throw on a hydration pack. Here’s a great option from Osprey. 13 litres of storage and 2.5 litre bladder.

Currently available for only £53.99!

High5 Zero tablets and bottle combo – £7.99 – £3.49

Yes, yes, we know we just railed against water bottles in the paragraph above BUT for short, local blasts there aren’t many folk who’ve gone (back) to the bottle and regretted it. These High5 electrolyte tablets are excellent for adding a bit of flavour and sweat-replacement to your fluid intake.

Currently available for only £3.49!

Polar V650 GPS – £229.00 – £162.99

NB: You can load routes and maps into this GPS. It’s not just a ride recorder and heart rate monitor thing. This mapping function means you can load pre-made routes – just like the .gpx files you’ll find in our Route section – straight into this device and then use it like you use your car Satnav. Follow the dots with minimum hassle. Go explore!

Currently available for only £162.99!

Garmin Edge Touring Plus GPS – £249.99 – £194.51

Currently available for only £194.51!

This is the same sort of setup as the Polar GPS above… but it’s got Garmin written on it. Import maps and routes and follow it like a car Satnav etc etc. Why go Garmin? It’s up to you really. Safe bet, spares availability, reassurance of market leading brand yadda yadda yadda.