Discounts of up to 75%

January is a tough old month. Not only are we returning to work after a bit of time off but we also have rather depleted bank balances after the December blitzing.

So this edition of Dirty Deals only contains absolute total bargains. Everything listed here is half price – or better.

Deuter Cross Air 20 EXP – £85.00 – £42.49


Planning some bigger rides for 2017? The Deuter Cross Air 20 is a multitalented backpack capable of all day tours thanks to the massive 20L capacity.

Currently available for only £42.49!

High5 Zero Electrolyte tablets 8-pack – £55.99 – £24.98


A popular New Year’s resolution for mountain bikers is for them to fuel themselves properly during rides. No more eating junk and relying solely on a bit of manky water to get by. Get these handy tabs and get off to a good start.

Currently available for only £24.98!

Blackburn Toolmanator 16 multitool – £40.00 – £14.99


A marvellous MacGuyver of a tool. Has everything you’re likely to need whilst out on a mountain bike ride – including a chain tool and a mini shock pump! No really.

Currently available for only £14.99!

Blackburn Heist 6 multitool – £13.00 – £4.00


This is not a multitool we’d advise heading into the wilds with but for quick local thrash-about rides this is perfect for sticking in your pocket as a bit of piece of mind. Also good for weight-saving for enduro/XC racing.

Currently available for only £4.00!

Sixpack Kamikaze chain guide – £78.38 – £29.99


Do you suffer from chain droppings even though you’re running a narrow-wide chainring and a clutch mech? It’s not unheard of. Some riders and/or bikes just seem prone to chain loss. Here’s a good value solution.

Currently available for only £29.99!

Sixpack F-Trix silicone grips – £12.22 – £5.99


Fancy saving a bit of weight AND improving the comfort of your bike? Give these silicone grips a try. A little bit cushy, a little bit buzz-reducing and a surprising weight saving over chunky lock-on grips.

Currently available for only £5.99!

Bontrager Sideswipe Race Lite bottle cage – £14.99 – £7.49


If you’re thinking of trying out the new trend of riding without a backpack – and stashing your stuff on your bike and on your person – then you’ll need a decent bottle cage. This one is a nice choice; its side access makes it just that bit more compatible with full suspension frames that can otherwise have access issues.

Currently available for only £7.49!

Endura Deluge gloves – £34.99 – £14.68


It maybe a new year but we’re still in the same old winter. These warm winter gloves with a seam-sealed internal waterproof and breathable membrane. Size large only.

Currently available for only £14.68!

Crud Racepac 29er mudguard set – £22.99 – £11.00


Although fork fenders and waterproof shorts are a lot of people’s preferred way of dealing with winter filth, there’s still plenty of other folk who prefer trad mud guards. Crud still make the best.

Currently available for only £11.00!

Shimano XT/SLX M770/M660 bottom bracket – £29.99 – £14.99


Boring but essential. Set includes left and right hand cups, spacers, inner cover, and inner O-rings.

Currently available for only £14.99!

Ultimate Hardwear 15mm pedal spanner – £9.99 – £3.99


One of those things that you’ve put off buying for far too long. Stop using your battered old multitool’s 6mm/8mm Allen key and get yourself equipped with the right tool for the job.

Currently available for only £3.99!

Mondraker Foxy XR Carbon frame 2015 – £2,699.00 – £1,199.99


Currently available for only £1,199.99!

Not exactly an impulse buy this but if you’re on the lookout for a new bike project for 2017 then you could do a lot worse than bag yourself one of these bad boys. A couple of years old but seeing as Mondraker are one of the most forward thinking and progressive bike brands on the planet, being two years old just means that it’s like most other brands’ 2017 offerings! Small and large sizes only.