Gearing up for a summer of fun


Now we’re into months beginning with J, our minds quickly turn adventurous. From longer local rides through to events weekends, Dirty Deals has you covered.

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These Dirty Deals are either specific products that we’ve ridden and rated, or at the very least are brands we’re familiar with and rate highly.

You will notice that beneath each product summary is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on one of these links then mbr may receive a small amount of money from the retailer should you go to purchase the product from them. Don’t worry, this does not affect the amount you pay.

Oakley Jawbreaker Photochromic – £205.00 – £139.99

Save £65.01! Big ol’ eye covering devices with lense that dim and brighten depending on the light conditions.

PBK Seamless Base Layer – £25.00 – £14.99

Save 10.01! Who doesn’t need another base layer in their life/wardrobe/box-under-the-bed?

Calibre Saw – £499.99 – £249.00

Save 50%! Know someone who want sot get into biking without bending the credit card too breaking point? Or maybe you fancy a N+1 project bike? Whatever, here’s a capable entry level hardtail at half price.

Hi-Gear Dome Shelter – £220.00 – £129.00

Save 41%! If you’re off on a few biking trips or vents this season and you’re planning on camping, then you’ll not regret getting one of these for the gang.

OEX Coyote III Backpacking Tent – £220.00 – £129.00

Save 41! Or of you want to use your bike to get away from every other human being on the face of the Earth, then here’s a decent introduciton into lighter weight tents for bikepacking escapes.

OEX Traverse IMX Sleeping Mat – £60.00 – £30.00

Save 50%! Keeping the camping/bikepacking vibe going, here’s a very bright and bulbous sleeping mat from the good folks at OEX. At least you’ll not lose it, hey?

Triban RC500 Sleeveless Jersey – £29.99 – £19.99

Save 33%! Don’t think of this as a sleeveless jersey, think of it as a base layer with rear pockets. A really, really useful layer to have if you’re a rider who no longer uses a backpack.

Giro Rumble VR SPD Shoes – £84.99 – £47.99

Save 44%! Okay, deep down we all know that laces are a bit of daft way of doing up SPD shoes but… they look cool. And the laces are orange. Win win.

Specialized 2FO Flat 1.0 Shoes – £100.00 – £69.99

Save 30%! Even if they are much more tech than a pair of skate shoes, it always feels like a hundred quid is a lot to spend of flat pedal shoes. Seventy quid is still on the teeth-sucking side of things but it’s better.

Blackburn Camber Carbon Bottle Cage – £40.00 – £14.99

Save 63%! If spending fifteen quid on a bottle cage seems a bit wrong then look again at the price that’s been crossed out (forty pound!) and then you’ll feel a lot better about the whole thing. Maybe.

Blackburn Airstik SL Mini Pump – £19.99 – £8.80

Save 56%! Coming back from the wild, spendy and downright risky days of using CO2 canisters? You’ll be needing a decent mini pump then. Don’t go for a nasty eBay no-namer. Blackburn mini pumps are the best. They just are.

Blackburn Airtower 5 Carbon Floor Pump – £149.99 – £49.99

Save 67%! This utterly ridiculous track pump can get a tyre up to 100psi in ten strokes. A road tyre admittedly but this mean machine will still make light work of your 2.6in dirty balloons too.

Blackburn Wayside Side Entry Bottle Cage – £14.99 – £3.95

Save 74%! More and more full suspension mountain bikes are presenting packaging problems when it comes to accommodating water bottles in front triangles dominated by rear shock bodies and swing arm interruptions. Side-loading cages are the answer in most cases.

Giro Riddance Shoes – £109.99 – £79.00

Save 28%! Another flat pedal shoe that has dipped its toe under the psychological hundred quid price tag barrier thanks to a clearance sale from an internet retailer. Huzzah!

dhb Packable Shell jacket – £100.00 – £50.00

Save 50%! “Seam-taped construction for waterproofing. Breathable, waterproof fabric. Hood for extra protection. Waterproof YKK Aquaguard front zipper. Shaped elasticated cuffs. Packs down into internal pouch.”