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Danny MacAskill is always worth a watch. So too are Santa Cruz Syndicate video diaries. What happens if you combine the two?

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“Shredding new 5010s in Morzine with Danny Mac, winning in Vallnord, and Loris takes on the French Championships slip ‘n’ slide!” – Santa Cruz Syndicate

Why Danny MacAskill drilled and filled Santa Cruz 5010 with sand

You’ve no doubt seen Danny MacAskill’s film – A Wee Day Out. You’ve probably watched numerous times in fact.

Throughout the film there are plentiful occasions where he makes you wonder “how on earth did he do that?” Usually this is just a rhetorical question; we can see how he balances on a haybale, we just can’t actually believe it!

The ‘puddle scene’ is a bit different though. It’s less of a show of bike handling that gets you wondering, it’s more of a genuine enquiry as to the technical behind-the-scenes work that allowed that shot to work on film.

Pic: Dave Mackison / Red Bull Content Pool

Pic: Dave Mackison / Red Bull Content Pool

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Watch the clip above from BBC’s Afternoon Edition where Danny himself explains how he had to fill his Santa Cruz 5010 with sand – after drilling holes in it – to get it to ride through the JCB-dug mega-puddle.

No doubt a lot of people think it was faked or somehow done with clever editing. The reality was more practical – and expensive – than that!