“I’m Dylan and all I wanna do is shred” — that was the World’s introduction to the Coastal Crew, back in 2010: Four riders from BC taking mountain biking to the next level


Watch the first video that made the Coastal Crew famous, riders Kyle Norbraten, Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton and Kyle Jameson riding their “sandbox” of a mountain.

If Only Every Mountain Biking Video was Shot Like This, the video still looks amazing today, fast and amazingly smooth (the riding, that is, not the picture quality). There’s a lot of partying on the trails, destroying of berms and general rad-ness that’s awesome to watch.

We like the fashions from the day too, the bikes look titchy with 26in wheels and the baggy T-shirt style is everywhere.

Newer videos from Coastal Crew look at lot slicker and more polished and the riding is amazing. Check out the video for the Specialized Stumpjumper below. But they can’t match the impact of the first video, what do you think?

The crew’s stated mission is to bring the mountain bike lifestyle to life through media, which basically means riding insanely fast on amazing-looking trails. All power to them.

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