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We’ve done ‘no risk Christmas gifts’, we’ve done ‘cheap Christmas gifts’ and now it’s time to break out the bling and max out the buying budget.

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Nukeproof Horizon Pro Ti Sam Hill flat pedals, £149.99

The best version of the best pedal, with the best mountain biker of all time’s name on them. Yep, Sam Freaking Hill uses these and we’re fairly certain that – just like Obi Wan Kenobi’s light sabre – there’s a little bit of his spirit in every pair of these. And, asethetecially they will make any and every bike look cooler.

Buy Now: Nukeproof Horizon Pro Ti Sam Hill flat pedals from Chain Reaction Cycles for £149.99!

Oakley Jawbreaker Photochromic sunglasses, £145.00

Save 29%! Well, we’ve taken care of your feet (with the above super cool flatties), now it’s time to deal with making the top of you look as cool as possible. But form is nothing without function with regards to mountain biking, and these shades perform just as well as they look.

Buy Now: Oakley Jawbreaker Photochromic sunglasses from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £145.00!

Five Ten Troy Lee Insulated jacket, £134.26

Save 21%! Dude, how cost does this look? And that’s before we’ve even got to mentioning how flipping stylish this quilted jacket is. A gorgeous colab between your favourite sticky rubber deals and the iconic Troy Lee Design house. Ooh yeah, this is highly desirable.

Buy Now: Five Ten Troy Lee Insulated jacket from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £134.26!

Fox Racing Dropframe MTB helmet, £130.00

This is the most modern mountain bike helmet currently available. There’s no denying you have to be confident and have a bit of dirty swagger about you to get away with wearing this lid. This is not a helmet for the shy and retiring. Stepping asdie from the stlying debate, this is a very comfy helmet that offers excellent levels of protection.

Buy Now: Fox Racing Dropframe MTB helmet from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £130.00!

Hope Tech 3 XC disc brake, £116.99

Save 29%! The red anodising colourway depicted is not by chance. Sure, there are other colours available in this sale BUT it’s Christmas. So red is pretty much compulsory people! Guaranteed to clash with pretty much every bike going – yes, even red bikes – this is a Christmas clashfest you can be proud of.

Buy Now: Hope Tech 3 XC disc brake from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £116.99!

GoPro HERO7 Silver, £227.99

Save 18%! Every (wo)man and thier dog has a YouTube channel now. It’s actally part of EU law that everyone needs to vlog at least once every financial quarter. Not really. But if you know of a budding YouTubing influencer, you need to get them a decent GoPro for their daily uploads.

Buy Now: GoPro HERO7 Silver from Wiggle for only £227.99!

Vitus Vee City Bike, £219.99

Save 26%! We’ve not even had Christmas yet but here we are with an idea that’s based around New Year’s resolutions. Sorry! (Not sorry) Until you have a no-frills, pared down hack-about bicycle, you’ll never know jsut how versatile and useful they are. Pub bike, shop bike, errand bike, commuter bike, spare bike… and much more besides. N+1 folks.

Buy Now: Vitus Vee City Bike from Wiggle for only £219.99!

Silca T-Handle Folio Kit, £180.00

OMFG. The nicest Allen keys of all time. Try not to think of it as £180; it’s more like £18 per tool and you get a free carry case. Bargain!

Buy Now: Silca T-Handle Folio Kit from Wiggle for only £180.00!

Brand-X Ascend XL 170mm dropper seatpost, £169.99

What’s better than your current dropper post? A dropper post that’s offers even more drop, that’s what! And the Ascend range from Brand X is one of the best out there, regardless of price tag. PLease make sure you do some measuring of your frame tubes to make sure it can handle the length of the inserted part, mind.

Buy Now: Brand-X Ascend XL 170mm dropper seatpost from Wiggle for £169.99!

Fox Racing Defend Kevlar trousers, £140.00

Forget your triple-clamp e-bikes and your mismateched mullet bikes, the real headline story of 2019 has been the rise of the riding trouser. Get onboard with the tapered train with these most excellent offering from Fox who, after all, have done more than most to promote the aesthetic and fucntion of modern riding kecks.

Buy Now: Fox Racing Defend Kevlar trousers from Wiggle for £140.00!

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