In need of a stocking filler for a mountain biker? Search no longer, the answer is below...


Are you in need of a stocking filler for a mountain biker? Search no longer, the answer will be below. Eleven cheap Christmas gift ideas for under £25.

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Infographic Guide To Cycling, £11,29

Admittedly a rather roadie-centric collection of graphics and stats but there’s a healty crossover of interests going on here. Nicely put together and full of fascianting titbits of information. An ideal toilet tome.

Buy Now: Infographic Guide To Cycling book from Rutland Cycling for only £11.29!

Park Tool MUG-1 Coffee Mug, £8.49

Now then. Controversial. Technically the MUG-1 is called a “coffee mug” but we think there’s no reason why you couldn’t also make a lovely brew of tea for this receptacle too. Just don’t dmix them up. Keep your tea mugs for tea please people!

Buy Now: Park Tool MUG-1 Coffee Mug from Rutland Cycling for only £8.49!

Stans NoTubes DART Tool, £25.00

Warning. Before things get too carried away upon the unwrapping of this suspiciously shaped gift (you know what we mean), you may want to include a note that this is defintely a cycling accessory. What is it? It’s a tubeless tyre repair kit. Why? What did you think it was?

Buy Now: Stans NoTubes DART Tool from Tweeks Cycles for £25.00!

Topeak SmartHead Digital Gauge D2, £22.00

Through a combination of tyres getting wider and the widespread adoption of tubeless, more and more people are checking their tyre pressures much mroe frequently than they used to. Get a tool for doing the job right. Accuracy costs nothing. Okay, actually it costs £22.

Buy Now: Topeak SmartHead Digital Gauge D2 from Tweeks Cycles for only £22.00!

Topeak Mini 20 Function Pro Multi Tool, £22.00

Sure, we could have filled this whole page with multi-tools. There are hundreds of them and they all look suitbaly shiny and tech for a Christmas prezzie. But there’s only really one multi-tool that does the job for under £25 in our opinion: the excellent Topeak Mini 20.

Buy Now: Topeak Mini 20 Function Pro Multi Tool from Tweeks Cycles for only £22.00!

Hiplok Z-Lok Reusable Armoured Tie (Pair), £11.99

This is not a substitute for a proper lock. Don’t go locking up your pride and joy outside your worksplace/boozer and expect this little thing to ward off determine bike thieves. But use it as a quick bit of piece of mind while you’re in Greggs picking up a vegan sausage roll and you’ll be fine.

Buy Now: Hiplok Z-Lok Reusable Armoured Tie (Pair) from Tweeks Cycles for only £11.99!

Fabric Hex Key Set Multi Colours, £17.99

Besides being fairly decently priced for a set of multi-colour Allen keys, these Fabric keys are actually one ofthe better designed colour hex sets. They’re full length hexagon nature means they insert into thru-axles properly deep and the chocie of colours is much more logical and helpfully distinct compared to other brands’ designs.

Buy Now: Fabric Hex Key Set Multi Colours from Leisure Lakes for only £17.99!

Fox Machinist Wallet NS Dirt, £12.00

Money, money, money, money! Money amkes the world go around. And so forth. Even if you don’t even have any money, you always need somewhere to stash your Pokemon cards.

Buy Now: Fox Machinist Wallet NS Dirt from Leisure Lakes for only £12.00!

Backcountry Research Mutherload Strap, £18.95

AKA the enduro strap-on. The original and arguably still the best (when you factor in the design options), the Mutherload can accept a proper inner tube, multi-tool, CO2 canister with inflator and a tyre lever or two. Ideal for those who have set fire to – and danced upon – their old hydration pack.

Buy Now: Backcountry Research Mutherload Strap from Leisure Lakes for £18.95!

Dakine Hot Laps Gripper Bag, £19.00

If you can stretch to an extra five pence, you may wish to look at this Gripper instead of the above Mutherload. Why? Mainly because it can keep filth ingress away from your multi-tool and CO2 chuck etc. It does mean that the whole thing is a bit less flexible than the Mutherload but for most frames it will be fine.

Buy Now: Dakine Hot Laps Gripper Bag from Leisure Lakes for £19.00!

Camelbak Podium 620ml Dirt Series Bottle, £10.49

Buy Now: Camelbak Podium 620ml Dirt Series Bottle from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £10.49!

The achilles heel of a water bottle is its mouthpiece; it gets splattered with muck. Not particularly healthy (especially if you’ve just passed through a farmyard) and not very nice tasting either. The Dirt series of Camelbak bottles helps by keeping the mouthpiece well and truly covered during riding.