40 minutes of rad

From the golden age of trials in the 1990s to the boom of web video, Akrigg has done some of the most innovative bike riding action you’ve ever seen.

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Chris Akrigg: “[Victor Lucas] and myself have been working on a film for pretty much two years on and off. It is called From There To Here and basically documents my career from the very beginnings to now (and before you ask, no it’s not a retirement video). It’s packed full of old footage and interviews from some of the biggest names in the bike world… and my dad!”

Victor Lucas: “This is the story of Chris Akrigg, a mountain biker who has mazed the world with his ability to do incredible things on 2 wheels. His creative approach to riding goes back to his early days as a competition trials rider and his determination to do things that most people wouldn’t think possible. He comes from Yorkshire, in Northern England – known for its rugged landscape, tough people and a huge history in motorcycle riding. Chris has travelled the world to ride in many incredible places, while capturing it all on video with a dash of his own unique humour.”

Video description

Chris Akrigg: “Hi. I’m Chris Akrigg and this is my story so far. I’ve been riding riding bikes since I was five years old and I’m still going strong. I started out as a trials rider but after ten years of that I turned my attention to making fun little videos and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. Grab yourself a brew, beer or whatever you fancy. Hope you enjoy… Directed by Chris Akrigg and Victor Lucas Filmed and edited by Victor Lucas Music by James Welsh