With new Ceramicspeed UFO chain lube you can save valuable watts and extend the riding life of your drivetrain’s components.

If you want to make that XTR or Eagle drivetrain last longer and spin freer, Ceramicspeed UFO drip lube is the stuff. Chain lubrication keeps your drivetrain lasting longer and on a punishing XC ride, could save you a few watts in terms of effort.

The chemistry and properties of chain lubes are fuel for furious debate, with cost often being classed as bordering extorsion. But if you are spending big money on a premium XTR or Eagle XX1 drivetrain, it makes sense to use the very best lubrication.

Riders who are obsessed with friction reduction in all components spinning bearings will be familiar with Ceramicspeed. The Danish company’s bottom brackets and pulley wheels offer incredibly low friction coefficients, allowing output watts to work most honestly at rolling you along.

As one would expect from a brand that specializes in keeping your drivetrain spinning with the most efficient energy transfer possible, Ceramicspeed also formulates its own chain lube. And the Danes have now launched a second-generation of it, which is has 15% less drivetrain drag when applied.

Ceramicspeed UFO

The UFO drip chain coating now has superior chemistry and best of all: it has become cheaper too. Although the UFO remains principally a wax-type lube, it has excellent application penetration.

Ceramicspeed claims you’ll be good for 185 miles of riding between applications, which is double the original UFO formulation’s endurance.

Environmentally clean and good for your bike riding machine

For those who are environmentally minded, Ceramicspeed’s UFO product is non-toxic and bio-degradable, which means if you spill some whilst applying it trailside, you need not feel any residual pollution guilt.

Although chain lube is a crucial element in preserving your drivetrain’s performance and extending its operational life, riders are often aghast at the prices charged for premium bottles of lubrication.

With its second-generation UFO drip chain coating, Ceramicspeed has managed to significantly reduce this lube’s price. The 180ml bottle now retails for €40, which is a saving of €30.