This one is a bit bizarre

We can respect someone who values their coffee, but even we wouldn’t start a mountain bike duel with someone if they ruined our caffeine hit.

Marco Fontana is not like us though. The man who is famous for making cross country stylish is simply enjoying a quick espresso in a bar before a drunken Cedric Gracia bumps into him from behind. Before you know it the two riders are duking it out on the trails seeking a bike-sized chunk of redemption.

The result is a collision of two separate worlds. Fontana’s cross country fitness and professionalism vs Gracia’s exuberant style and downhill skills.

The duel is housed in the Saalbach bike park, just down the road from Leogang, although the drama in this does not quite live up to Gwin’s already legendary chainless run.

This edit is absolutely bizarre as it sounds but is quite endearing in its own way. It also features some pretty impressive skills, Fontana’s trackstand block is great and Gracia’s cornering is as stylish as ever. Let’s hope these two stick to the bikes and avoid the acting in future…