It's seeking crowd funding

A team of entrepreneurs in Greater Manchester has announced plans for the UK’s first ever indoor bike park built specifically for mountain bikes and BMXs

Dirt Factory will be built in an abandoned warehouse and will have a number of bike trails, pump tracks and jump lines sculpted from shipping containers and recycled dirt.

Dirt Factory 3d model 2

Dan Makin, one of the founders and directors of Dirt Factory, said: “We have a truly unique offer and one that will hopefully get more people enjoying cycling, more often. Getting kids off their phones and computers, having fun together on bikes is something we see a big priority.”

One of the proposed venues for Dirt Factory

One of the proposed venues for Dirt Factory

The team has already secured over £200,000 worth of investment from private investors, industry supporters and their own savings over the past three years, but there’s one problem, it isn’t quite enough.

Dirt Factory is hoping to raise a further £300,000 via a crowd funding campaign that launches on February 1 on CrowdCube.  Supporters will be asked to pledge a minimum of £10 and in return will own a portion of the business and gain investor rewards.

Dirt factory 3d model 3

Obviously this is the kind of thing it’s easy to be skeptical about, after all, how can it be ‘proper mountain biking’ if it’s indoors? But indoor bike parks have been a success in the United States and Canada and how many times have you been put off a ride by the unreliable British weather?

Check out this video of Ray’s indoor park in Colorado to see how these parks can work.

Mark McClure, Dirt Factory director and  International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) trail specialist, said: “We’ve had great support from local riders, the wider cycle community and some big international bike brands.

“A facility that is dry, convenient and with high quality trails to practice your bike skills and have fun is something a lot of UK riders are crying out for. We are also confident that it will attract those who are new to cycling or have ridden bicycles but want to develop their off-road cycle skills.”

If all goes well with the crowd funding the park is set to open in October. For further information click here.