It looks pretty much like a finished product to us

Spotted at Eurobike and confirmed in a press release from BMC, the as yet unnamed electric mountain bike amongst the sleekest e-MTB we’ve seen to date.

It’s labelled as just a prototype – or concept bike – at the moment. Having said that, it does appear to be a proper carbon fibre frame that must have sprung from a mould.

Moulds are extremely expensive to make so we’d be amazed if this wasn’t the actual finished e-MTB frame.

What else do we know?

There’s not a whole lot confirmed. We know it’s a full suspension bike but we don’t know how much travel it has exactly.

We know it’s carbon fibre. But we don’t know if they’ll be aluminium versions as well.

We know it’s a Plus tyre e-MTB – there are 27.5 x 3.0 tyres on the version displayed at Eurobike.

We know it uses Shimano’s STEPS XT M8000 e-MTB drivetrain and motor. But we don’t know if it’s been tweaked or is just ‘as is’.

We know it has internal cable routing.

We know it’s Di2 electronic shifting ready (that’s what on the Eurobike bike).

We know the battery is integrated into the underside of the down tube and looks very neatly done. The battery is removable however – there’s a keyhole on it for unlocking the battery and removing it.


A previous work-in-progress

We know that BMC have been playing with a longer travel electric enduro bike loosely based on their Trailfox platform. See the pic above.

We don’t expect to see a bike like this unveiled in 2017 (stranger things have happened though) so we think this Franken-e-bike was just used as a testbed that eventually turned into the more polished concept bike.

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When then?

We’ll let BMC do the talking…

BMC: “A pedal-assist concept mountain bike at BMC Switzerland’s Eurobike booth reveals yet another project that has been cooking at its Impec Lab. Despite its futuristic appearance, the bike is a realistic interpretation of what will be seen from the brand in 2017 and shows riders what BMC thinks e-mountain biking should be all about – the ride experience.

“BMC’s venture into the development of a pedal-assist full-suspension mountain bike is a “logical step” according to Stefan Christ, Head of R&D at BMC Switzerland, and its engineers have focused on delivering a full-suspension mountain bike with exceptional ride qualities.

“This new mountain bike has been designed to put a smile on rider’s faces, with its pedal assistance helping to pack in, even more, trail riding fun!” Christ adds “Our proven expertise in the creation of great ride experiences, complimented with superior suspension technologies, provided us with a very strong foundation, to begin with. We have also talked to plenty of riders to learn about their exact needs and we are confident that we are delivering a product that will bring the whole experience of riding a mountain bike to the next level”.

“Although the bike on display is a concept bike (ie. not rideable), it is very close to what the final product will look like. BMC isn’t giving away too many details, just yet, though. The concept bike features a Shimano Drive with a semi-integrated battery, while the frame is made of carbon fiber. The first commercial model will hit markets in Spring ’17 with a limited number of premium spec bikes – while a second wave, with several models, will hit BMC dealers in the ‘Fall. Pricing is expected to be in the mid to high-end segment. More Information will be revealed at the official product launch next Spring.

“All in all, with this new mountain bike from BMC, ‘fun’ will be the operative word, with ‘more trails’ to compliment it.”