Meek by name, not by nature

A company called Meekboyz has released three carbon fibre downhill bikes for kids. The most expensive one costs $8,375 – approx £6,200.

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Even the ‘cheapest’ one costs $6,875 (approx £5,100). These are clearly not your average bikes for youngsters. They are in fact intended as proper, full-on downhill race bikes and as such they feature all the things that high end adult downhill bikes have, including the price tag.

Although on one hand such a price tag may be seen as simply ridiculous for a kids bike (not to mention the unfortunate potential alienation of girl riders from the brand name), Meekboyz bikes have at least had a lot of thought and product development go into them.


There’s a focus on light weight and particularly low weight of unsprung mass. The rims are carbon. The spokes are titanium. There are roller bearings in the rear shock mounts to reduce stiction. Generally speaking it looks as though everything on the bikes is the best option it can possibly be. Hang the expense indeed.

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The main USP of these bikes is arguably a double pivot linkage design that works the rear shock with sufficient leverage rates that the shocks can be run at regular pressures (circa 160psi). This means that the shocks are working within their damping ranges. No more shocks running at 50psi and never re-extending after the first impact due to rebound issues.

There are three bikes in the range…


Meekboyz Mini Beast

  • 20in wheel
  • 100mm rear, 120mm fork
  • 5-10 yrs
  • $6,875


Meekboyz Beast

  • 24in wheel
  • 180mm rear, 180mm fork
  • 8-12 yrs
  • $7,500


Meekboyz Mega Beast

  • 26in wheel
  • 185mm rear, 200mm fork
  • 11+ yrs
  • $8,375

Who are Meekboyz?

Steven Meek is the New Zealander behind Meekboyz bikes. It’s his sons who no doubt inspired the Meekboyz brand name.

Steven says: “Having a composites background and in response to frustration over an absence of high performance DH bikes for kids,  I built my first lightweight custom 20” downhill bike in 2009 so Toby could access the downhill trails. As both boys grew, I developed a customised 24” aluminium DH bike in 2012. This naturally evolved to full carbon bikes in 2016.”


Steven continues: “Disappointed and frustrated by the B-grade bikes currently being produced by the big, mainstream commercial bike companies, I wanted nothing less than a lightweight downhill bike that supports kids to develop downhill skills rapidly. Our carbon bikes are built to primarily address the serious high-performance gap that has existed in kids’ mountain biking. Having the expertise to understand what provides the ultimate performance and rider comfort for young kids, these carbon bikes are equal to none and out-spec most adult DH bikes.”