Another mismatched wheel size ebike option

KTM Macina Kapoho 272 takes inspiration from combustion-engined cousins with a mis-matched 29/27.5+ wheel size concept that KTM calls DiMMix.

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KTM Macina Kapoho 272 need to know

  • Battery: 500wh internal
  • Motor: Bosch
  • Power: 250W
  • Torque: 75Nm
  • ‘Best of both worlds’ wheel size combo – 29in front 27.5 Plus rear
  • Internal battery pack with twin charging points
  • Extra short 160mm crank arms for greater pedal clearance
  • Externally routed KS dropper post
  • Price £4,499.99

KTM is a household name thanks to some of the best off-road motorcycles on the market. And the brand’s e-bikes take inspiration from their combustion-engined cousins with the adoption of a mis-matched wheel size concept that KTM calls DiMMix (Dimensions Mix).

ktm macina kapoho

A chunky casting houses the Bosch motor, while short, 160mm cranks give more ground clearance so you can keep pedalling for longer.

Just like a dirt bike, the larger 29in front wheel aims to give stability and good obstacle rollover with precise steering, while the big volume 27.5in rear generates lots of traction from its wide footprint. And because the two outside diameters are so close, the Macina Kapaho doesn’t actually look like its rocking different size wheels.

ktm macina kapoho

Bosch Intuvia display mounts centrally. The graph on the right shows how much assistance the motor is providing, so you can manage power better.

To get the Macina Kapoho 272 up to speed KTM opts for the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit. Providing the juice is a Bosch PowerTube 500wh battery, which is sleekly housed inside the down tube. There is a port on the frame, so you can plug the charger directly into the bike, or you can remove the battery and charge it in your house if you don’t have power in the shed.

ktm macina kapoho

The internal battery can be charged on the bike, via this poort beside teh head tube, or it can be removed for easy recharging in the house.

Centrally mounted atop the stem is the Bosch Intuvia display. It’s really easy to read, even in the dark thanks to the backlit design, and the separate remote control next to the grip lets you switch quickly between modes and change the information on the display.

Toggling the control allows access to four ride settings, including the intelligent e-MTB mode, which automatically adapts the assistance depending on you cadence and pressure on the pedals.

To bring all that power under control, KTM fits four-piston Shimano Zee brakes with their heat dissipating IceTech rotors and radiator-finned pads.

With its potent Bosch drive unit the Macina Kapoho 272 feels simply motors up the climbs, but it’s still incredibly planted and surefooted on the way back down. You can keep pedalling for longer too, as the Macina Kapoho 272 boasts excellent clearance thanks to the short, 160mm cranks.

The moto-inspired Macina Kapoho 272 works great as an uplift bike or just riding for a few hours tearing up the trails. In fact, with the 500wh battery you could easily do both.