Four years in the making

The new Transition Carbon Smuggler is the same modest travel but aggressively shaped 29er platform as before but is now made from black magic.

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Transition Carbon Smuggler need to know

  • 120mm rear travel
  • 140mm travel suspension fork
  • Full carbon frame inc. rear triangle and rocker
  • Speed Balanced Geometry with short offset fork
  • Giddy Up 2.0H suspension
  • Boost
  • Metric
  • Up to 29 x 2.3in tyres
  • Claimed frame weight: 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs) inc. shock and hardware

transition carbon smuggler

As ever, the accompanying launch video tells you naff all about the actual bike but is still worth a worth because it’s very amusing and contains some serious steeze from Mr Lars ‘N’ Bars.

Here’s how the typically irreverent Transition Bikes crew explain themselves: “Internet troll’s rejoice. At last, the long awaited carbon Smuggler. Years in the making, we are extremely pleased with the outcome. The Smuggler has been a Transition staff favorite for years due to it’s versatility, and the carbon version is sure to continue that trend. Striking the perfect balance of 140/120mm suspension it is the ideal daily driver and extremely capable in the hands of any rider.”

transition carbon smuggler

We had the alloy version of the Smuggler on long term review and loved how it rode. Our main reservation (besides the relatively low spec for the money) was its overall weight.

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Our conclusion? “The alloy Smuggler is a ton of cash, £2,800 for a bike with this spec is too much money, and it weighs 35lb. If I were a sensible buyer I would opt for the frame and shock only and build it up lighter for a little more money. That said, I love the way the Smuggler rides, and although it’s a ridiculous thing to say, it makes my soul sing. It manages to walk that fine line between being playful and fun, yet also confident and steadfast, a loyal ally when you’re hunting down good singletrack. How can you put a price on that?”

transition carbon smuggler

So, as you can imagine, we’re rather excited to see a carbon smuggler arrive. We’re still awaiting confirmation on the geometry (the Carbon Smuggler is sporting the new SBG numbers after all). Ditto UK pricing. We’ll update this page when we get the vital stats.