Is the Bell Full-10 the new standard for downhill helmets?


Bell has a new full face out, called the Full-10 Spherical. It’s an exciting new helmet because the brand has brought its MIPS Spherical technology over from the trail lid that pioneered it, the Bell Super Air Spherical – the best mountain bike helmet on the market.

The Spherical tech is visible inside the helmet, with two layers of EPS that rotate inside one another, like a hip socket

So instead of using the usual thin plastic MIPS liner, Bell’s gone with a thick piece of EPS that rotates just as the MIPS layer did. It still rotates 360 degrees and crucially will move 10-15mm during an impact event but it doesn’t impact on the sizing, fit, or get in the way of the air flow.

The vents at the back are just enormous, and with no traditional yellow plastic MIPS layer to get in the way the air flow should be first class

This last part is crucial, because Bell has developed some whopping big vents on the front and rear to take advantage of the unrestricted internals. The name is grandiose, Thermal Exchange Airflow System (TEAS), but it means there are 16 air intake vents and five on the rear to keep it moving over your sweaty noggin. Anything brands can do to make full face helmets cooler is a good idea, in our books.

More vents on the chin bar, and the shell’s uni directional carbon weave is a classy touch

Of course having some kind of slip plane technology is essential in 2023, almost every top end helmet out there has it, from MIPS across multiple brands to 100%’s Smartshock Rotational Protective System. The idea is to better protect you in the event of a crash by slowing down the impact time and reducing the forces on the brain. Does it work? MIPS has been using computer modelling to figure out its effectiveness.

The breakaway POV camera mount sits atop an adjustable peak

Other details from the Bell Full-10 Spherical include a unidirectional carbon shell, four colours to choose from, and a claimed weight of 1,000g in size medium. There’s also an integrated breakaway camera mount, Ionic+TM antimicrobial comfort padding, Magnefusion removable cheek pads, a goggle port and a titanium D-ring buckle. It costs £579.99.